Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jon Stewart and his Crew Are All Mossad Assets

They are "Sayanim." They pretend to be American nationals, live on American soil and work towards the political and global ends of Israel. They don't give a damn about the United States, it's just another place to park their menorahs in their grand march across history living out of a suitcase.

If you wonder how any group of people could show such fanatical endurance in working towards their goals, that's another example of how you are simply a weaker person than they are. It's not an "operation." It's their lives. They get wealthy in the process, too. Their whole existence is being part of the framework. Jon Stewart is a big part of the media machine that has successfully deflected inquiry about 9-11 for the past ten years despite it being obviously an internal act of treason. He's doing his job well, as do Glenn Beck and many other shabbas goyim who are well paid to keep the conversation pointed "over there" arguing about straw men. The whole point is to keep the discussion crazy, off-topic and obfuscational ... and to make that schizophrenic viewpoint seem "normal" to those stupid manbeasts out there. As these goofy horse-lipped goy are laughing away in their vanity thinking they're "in" on the "big joke," they don't realize the biggest laughs are behind closed doors laughing at them.

They could not pull it off unless those critters were as dumb or dumber than they generally believe. Never. Without gentiles being so godawful stupid, none of this would ever work.

If you wonder where my loyalties lie here, they lie with neither. I personally believe they are all damned, doomed and dumb. All of them are rushing towards their own destruction, Zionists foremost. I don't identify with them because I don't have anything in common with any of them. None of them are my kind of people. They don't share anything with me and so I don't feel obligated to them. The only people I feel identification with are my fellow Christians and people who are otherwise thirsting for the spirit of God, which cannot co-exist with a man whose soul is as polluted as Jon Stewart's.

P.S. Anybody see any mention yet of the executive producer of the show being arrested for punching a passive activist who showed up at a public meeting? Forward to me if so. I wouldn't be shocked to see it never appear on Stewart's show.


Anonymous said...

Spot on. I was one of those idiots who thought he was funny and "hip", and therefore that made me "hip". Then I woke up and grew up.

Good posts today. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

When these people feel cornered, the reptillian part of their brain kicks into overdrive.

If 9/11 is proven to be a false flag op, contrived for Zionist benefit, they will never recover and they know it.