Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vault-Co Called It In 2001 : Volcanism Has Been Increasing Worldwide For Ten Years

The important thing to see here is that it's not your mom-and-pop local lava bubblers that are suddenly active and seemingly mounting in pressure. It's not the little volcanos and vents.

The new activity is dominated by Supervolcanos. A Supervolcano qualifies to be called a "Supervolcano" because it is directly implicated in a previous mass extinction. That's why they label it a Supervolcano.

If you're new to all of this or what you do know is mainly from public television and documentaries, you'd be astonished to know just how many extinction cycles have been revealed over the past two decades. You'd probably think that there weren't enough extinction cycles to go around that every little supervolcano could get the credit for one all on it's own. You'd be wrong. The history of the planet is very, very catastrophic. As more and more ash layers have been identified, more and more volcanos have been identified as having blown at the same time. So we have ash layers/mass extinctions linked to Krakatoa, one linked to Toba, several to Yellowstone, one for Vanuatu ... etc. you get the idea. There's plenty of catastrophic cycles to go around to peg on 'em all.

You're thinking, wait a second Tex, if the history of this planet is so catastrophic then how come I've never known an interruption in cappuccino service in my entire life? It's because you have lived during a very odd lull, a quiescent period in which our entire civilization has sprouted up unmolested during an interglacial. There's nothing normal about the past 1000 years. We can make the anthromorphic argument and say had there been no such break in the action, I would not be writing this blog for you - and you'd likely be right.

Every single period of increased volcanism has accompanied changes in the magnetic field the Earth shares with the Sun. Every single period correlates to a corresponding change in the magnetosphere. The two things are yoked at the hip like Siamese twins.

You should consider that the historic evidence indicates that long periods of convalescence like the earth has gone through in the last twelve millennia seem to always be terminated with savage fury as things return to normal. Because we have been living during such a placid era, it is to be expected the nadir of this window, which approaches in December 2012, will close with sharp and sudden resurgence in the earth's "normal" routine.
Think of our society as an anthill that has been constructed in the center of an artillery reservation during the off-season. It's a very apt analogy. All the ants have ever known is a placid, fertile and uninterrupted peace, surrounded by sunlight, butterflies and abundant resources. Unfortunately, their anthill is marked as dead center for artillery calibration and the summer firing exercises are about to begin.

Foreclosuregate : The Tsunami ITZ Approaches

The entire financial strategy of the big banks is to kick half of America out onto the street and sell their homes. If they can no longer demonstrate title to those properties through their web of conmen and debt collector scum, they are looking into the abyss. They are going to fold like cheap napkins all over the place. They simply do not have the capital to mount a complex legal challenge for all of those millions of homes and will have no other option than to go bankrupt.


Jon Stewart and his Crew Are All Mossad Assets

They are "Sayanim." They pretend to be American nationals, live on American soil and work towards the political and global ends of Israel. They don't give a damn about the United States, it's just another place to park their menorahs in their grand march across history living out of a suitcase.

If you wonder how any group of people could show such fanatical endurance in working towards their goals, that's another example of how you are simply a weaker person than they are. It's not an "operation." It's their lives. They get wealthy in the process, too. Their whole existence is being part of the framework. Jon Stewart is a big part of the media machine that has successfully deflected inquiry about 9-11 for the past ten years despite it being obviously an internal act of treason. He's doing his job well, as do Glenn Beck and many other shabbas goyim who are well paid to keep the conversation pointed "over there" arguing about straw men. The whole point is to keep the discussion crazy, off-topic and obfuscational ... and to make that schizophrenic viewpoint seem "normal" to those stupid manbeasts out there. As these goofy horse-lipped goy are laughing away in their vanity thinking they're "in" on the "big joke," they don't realize the biggest laughs are behind closed doors laughing at them.

They could not pull it off unless those critters were as dumb or dumber than they generally believe. Never. Without gentiles being so godawful stupid, none of this would ever work.

If you wonder where my loyalties lie here, they lie with neither. I personally believe they are all damned, doomed and dumb. All of them are rushing towards their own destruction, Zionists foremost. I don't identify with them because I don't have anything in common with any of them. None of them are my kind of people. They don't share anything with me and so I don't feel obligated to them. The only people I feel identification with are my fellow Christians and people who are otherwise thirsting for the spirit of God, which cannot co-exist with a man whose soul is as polluted as Jon Stewart's.

P.S. Anybody see any mention yet of the executive producer of the show being arrested for punching a passive activist who showed up at a public meeting? Forward to me if so. I wouldn't be shocked to see it never appear on Stewart's show.

Obama Bin Toner

How do I know that Mossad wasn't behind this false flag? If they'd done it, I assure you it would have been convincing and competently executed.

Poor dumb diversifier. I guess this was the best that Obama and his sad crew of career failures could come up with after trying everything else. Two days to the mid-terms and they know it would take a miracle to save their commie asses now. They probably thought it would make the crackhead appear more presidential.

The Brits are getting pretty weary of having to pretend to respond to false threats that are obviously driven by political motives instead of any real hazard. It's been an increasingly expensive courtesy as of late - but this stuff costs money and the British people are busted.

It's kind of pathetic ... and deranged. Like all things 'Kwa.

Friday, October 29, 2010

John Titor's Assistant : Tell That Fat Bitch She Turned Up On A 1928 Newsreel

(Tongue-in-cheek. Been grim around these parts lately.)

If I told you once, I told you a thousand times. Never talk on your comms if you're visiting a period before the 1990's. Gonna have to take that off you the next time you make a jump.

Disaster tourist in town to see the St. Francis Dam catastrophe? Do these mothmen love to see disasters in the past? They always turn up just before a lot of people die. The Silver Bridge disaster in West Virginia, they were queueing up months in advance. John Keel had speculated that some of these tourists may have actually been making an effort to have sex with people they knew would die on the Silver Bridge on Christmas Eve.

You make up your own mind. It's a strange world and the older I get, the more I realize how little I really know about it all. Here's a "missing link" in the reptilian family that indicates they evolved from man-like flat-faced scaly apes into dinosaurs? Does that make sense to you? If a person tells you of course it does, they don't even understand the question, much less the answer. It makes about as much sense as a beaver in the Jurassic.

Here We Go - Two For One In Russia

Kamchatka Peninsula, registered with the supervolcano extinction cycle in previous eras, now has two going off at the same time, indicating very big magma flows underneath the peninsula. Madness in Indonesia, perched on the ring of fire. Australia's front yard. Expecting to get some heavy ashfalls here one of these days.

You think food prices are high now. Wait until ash blocks out sunlight for a couple of years. Then it's going to be babies, the other white meat.

There hasn't been much back stocking going on for some time. If you don't pack it, you're going to find it unaffordable one of these days. Move now on your food storage when you can still buy a bag of rice for less money than you make in a year.

Interesting Development in Super Capacitors

Supercaps made from ordinary pencil graphite ground into powder and wrapped in sheets of sticky paper.

Of great importance to survivalists because of two possible uses ... one in energy storage, the other for homebuilt electromagnetic rail guns, a booming amateur experimenter field. Hit Google for it. No, I'm not prepared to speak or write about any experiments I may have done with this tech, other than to say if somebody as clumsy with precision construction as I am could build one of these things, anybody could build one. The critical component that would be hard to scavenge would be the supercaps. I was planning on ordering a few hundred supercaps one of these days as replacements but it looks like it might be possible to make your own from materials so common it boggles the mind. Coils from appliances can be found anywhere to form the breech.

As I said to my son, "A gun that needs no bullets, ammunition that needs no caps, caps that only need electricity. What's the downside?" Reminds us of the scrap gun you build in FALLOUT THREE. Quiet, too. Good for situations you just want to stop a problem without bringing the whole neighborhood down on you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kenyan Attention Whore : Appearing ... Anywhere That Will Put Him On The Air

"The President of the United States" appears on "The View" and now Jon Stewart's show.

What's next? The Home Shopping Network pushing spray-on balding concealer? Community television interviewing people at the Farm Expo? Late night television doing testimonials for Anthony Robbins?

Seriously, if I had the luxury of just hovering in a UFO as a passive observer of this lunacy high in orbit, I'd laugh myself unconscious morning and night watching this crap. It's hilarious if you are not invested in the outcome.

The leadup to World War III is turning out to be bigger black comedy than anything Peter Sellers ever did. The historians will be lucky to write a chapter at a time for the retrospective without roaring at the sheer inanity.

A Kenyan-born illegal immigrant in the White House during the collapse of Western civilization shortly before the outbreak of global thermonuclear war. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another One Blows

Get used to it, they are going to start going off like firecrackers soon.

It's only a matter of time before a supervolcano clears it's throat and introduces the worldwide famine. Think about the future in these terms and you might just be ready for it when it gets here.


The Ruling Class

That’s why Couric has spent recent weeks in Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and New Brunswick, New Jersey. She is touring what she calls “this great unwashed middle of the country” in an effort to divine the mood of the midterms.

What she has learned on her latest excursions is that “American voters are slightly schizophrenic—they want compromise, and yet some of them are ideologically so fixated to one point of view… There are a lot of moderate Americans who are just fed up with negative campaign ads, fed up with the vitriol, fed up with the paralysis.

(Democrats and reality are not on speaking terms. Republicans are not better, they are presented as the alternative.)

Take this woman's social context away and you'd have nothing. You'd have a substandard female with inferior intelligence, weak character and utterly irrelevant views. It's the fact she's on television that is supposed to make her somebody important we're all compelled to listen to. The problem is that almost nobody is watching television anymore. Nobody is listening any longer. These types of people have ceased to be meaningful or anything but a distressed and fading minority regime that is destined to fall apart one way or another very soon.

Katie Couric is a person who doesn't matter because she has nothing to say that anyone would willingly listen to. Her primary demographic is people in nursing homes parked in wheelchairs in front of boxes bolted to the wall in the recreation room. That and people who entered wrong numbers in Tivo.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Moon

I've mentioned it before.

It makes complex life possible here.

It's also the wrong mass, the wrong distance, the wrong density and the wrong orbit for anything but a ceremonial device to hang in the sky and serve a dual purpose to regulate the tides. The chances of it finding that orbit by accident are much more than a gigatrillion to one.

It is the strangest orbital body in our solar system.

I don't have the answer. All I can say is, that's just one lottery ticket out of thousands that we seem to have drawn the lucky numbers for here on Earth. Go figure.

Is man an animal, produced by chance, nothing more than meat that walks? Or is he something more? Something ... dare anybody say it ... beloved, in spite of himself ... in spite of herself?

Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve, there is more to this world than you may have heard described to you by those who would compel you to live within their misunderstandings. There would have to be in order to explain the mysteries we see all around us. Scripture is everything we need to know. It isn't everything that could be known. The real truth may elude us until we can see through new eyes.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gearing Up For ITZ

ITZ coming.

In order to distract the (m)asses from their internal war, which has already begun.

Does China know which way the wind is blowing? (World War III?)

It's so simple a senile illiterate old communist knows itz coming.

Did Baba Vanga call it correctly a long, long time ago?

Orwellian Revisionism : The Killing Of History

The Civil War had nothing to do with slavery. Nothing. Secession was over taxation.

The fact that thousands of freemen black soldiers fought on the Confederate side is possibly one of the best documented facets of the Civil War - my direct ancestors on my father's side mentioned it in their accounts in their letters.

Increasingly, "history" has nothing to do with what actually happened and all to do with what the State says should have happened according to their modern political ideology.

I no longer pity Kwanzanians because I reserve the right to pity human beings, which they do not qualify to be called. Nothing this dumb can be called "man," when it is clearly an animal on two legs. The modern Kwanzanian is a domesticated beast just as placid as cattle or chickens. They can no more "reason" than can a prize bull or a Bantam rooster. They are what is left when you have stripped the "man" away. Consumer units. That whole nation is on cruise control for brains. Their distinguishing characteristic is their utter and complete vacuity.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Preliminary Salvo For The Third World War

I think there was a bit in the original Fallout where the United States started to produce their own brand of EMP resistant electronics when Asia shut off their supply.

So much for the globalist utopia. Market imbalances create scarcity instead of opportunity in the right conditions.

Since today's military is electronics, the U.S. has just discovered their supply is controlled by the enemy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What The Last Satellite Picture Is Going To Look Like In The Next Two Years

I reckon it's going to look something like this ... a shotgun barrel pointing at the Earth. That will be one of the last photos transmitted by our orbital satellites before a CME blasts them into vapor and blows the magnetic shield upside down on this planet, causing a major excursion or a reversal.

This is all it takes. We can see with our own eyes that things are getting creepier and creepier by the hour on the Sun, the source of energy for all life on this planet. It's behaviour is clearly unprecedented - in between the occasional million mile whiplash energy tentacle, scientists still cannot figure out where the sunspots have gone to.

That thing up there is charging itself up for one hell of a blast. That's where they've gone.

PACK YOUR RICE : Worldwide Famine Is Coming!

It's a perfect storm : climate, agriculture and society have run straight into a brick wall.

Food supplies were globalized instead of localized. The exact opposite of what should have happened.

Agriculture was based on long summers, short harvest seasons and zero inventory just-in-time deliveries. The exact opposite of what should have happened.

Society counted on food surpluses, cashed-up consumers and excess production into the distant future. The exact opposite of what should have happened.

Harvest technology orbited around cheap oil and abundant shipping to keep costs down even when bringing food from distant shores. The exact opposite of what should have happened. The rails rusted and trucking was king. Bad moves all around.

It's an edible feast of fail but caloric content is close to zero.

Hope you have been doing what we have advised since 1998 and you have PACKED IT.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Machine Is Coming Apart

It is better to put your faith in God than in men. It doesn't matter if he exists or not. It works either way.

The people of the West worship the State as their "god." They just have faith in the incredible superpowers of the State. They believe the Kwa can surmount anything if they just think positive.

These ideas are insane. There is no "State." It's a collection of fifth rate people who cannot get proper day jobs. By coming together, no matter what their powers, they can't make paper into money or create prosperity with no jobs and nothing to sell.

The notions that men have about themselves, nations, the government and other human beings are all wrong.

Good things don't happen because a magic gas leaks out of the ground in a certain place. The United States was the most powerful and wealthy nation on Earth because it was an expression of the people who lived in it. People like that don't live there anymore. You can think positive all you want and hope for the best. Nothing will happen.

Actions have consequences. They went off the gold standard altogether in the 70's and they've been in freefall ever since.

It was a great place once. The year I was born. It was a wonderful place.

All that is over now. It's just another third world hellhole and will stay that way for the next thousand years. Soon even the most basic amenities of life like clean drinking water and three meals a day will become distant memories.

Think stupid ideas, suffer the fate of stupid people. If your basic premises are wrong, you will never be able to solve your problems. You will not even be capable of identifying what the problem really is.

The people who live in the Kwa now are not smart enough to know why the U.S. was so successful for two centuries. They are not smart enough to restore it to it's former glory. They are not smart enough to do anything but die.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Control The Opposition


In Stalin's Russia, all the "radical opposition" was handpicked and financed by Stalin himself. They never questioned the basic premises, just diverted anger into meaningless channels and useless endeavours.

The Tea Party is a sham funded by the elites it claims to be fighting against.

You do not win any conflict when it is your enemy who designs your strategy.

There is no hope for Kwanzania. None at all. They are a doomed nation.

100 million people average IQ 97 VS A couple thousand avg IQ 130 = No contest. The subgeniuses will play the jackasses just like a fiddle. They never had a thought in their heads that wasn't simply a vector from another man who put it in there. The Tea Party was created to deal with the anger by channeling it into trivial and meaningless sanitized "opposition" that will never get anywhere.

They define the argument, they pay for the refreshments and control the outcome. The Kwanzanian is too dumb to organize a bowel movement on it's own.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Here we go. I told you.

You probably thought ... "Sure, Vault-Co has called it correctly a couple of times, but then there's the really weird stuff where you can see the guy has clearly gone off the deep end. For example, back in 2003 this guy was claiming the government's ultimate backup plan was to fake an alien invasion threat. That's Bill Cooper style crazy. Not even the government thinks people are dumb enough to fall for that. The elite would fake an alien threat in order to keep the strategy for global governance on track after global warming failed? C'mon, that's beyond the pale. That would take massive chutzpah to attempt a scam of that magnitude."

Here we are. I posted earlier on this subject. You can see they've been priming the pump for the past couple of weeks, almost to the day it was obvious that man-bear-pig would never fly. They are not going to give up and just go away. You will either see them achieve global government or they will get carried out in body bags or else put you and everybody you know in a body bag. They will never give up.

This is the fallback plan and they've been priming this pump since the initial UFO flap in the fifties which was unquestionably inserted into the public consciousness and then oiled with a thousand Hollywood movies backing the premise up.

Barack Obama is another example of a Manchurian candidate groomed for years by the elites out of their pocketbook and kept on standby in case they needed him. Before he got elected, people might've laughed at the notion you could put a Kenyan born Senator (according to his own press releases from 1988-2004) into the White House. Yet there he is. Talk all you want about how ridiculous these scams are but you can't argue with success. Fact is, people are morons and they fall for it. They are dumb enough to fall for a fake alien invasion threat as well and will be happy to turn over the reigns of sovereignty to a world government that promises them it will protect them from the "rapidly approaching fleet." It will be rapidly approaching the same way globalwarming was rapidly approaching. Fact is, they will be installed in a global government before people figure out there is no rapidly approaching fleet and never was.

Pay attention and watch how they keep embellishing this story about "Gliese." (This is probably a small blob on a spectrometry chart that may or may not be a planet, or nothing at all.) They will keep adding details one at a time, the same way they did with globalwarming. We'll hear about how the planet is probably dying for lack of water or resources and how the inhabitants must be desperate for a fresh new planet to migrate to. Then somebody will announce that a blob showed up on a photo somewhere and it looks like something is headed this way. Then the blob will turn out to be many things headed this way. It must be the desperate, warlike inhabitants of Gliese, you see, driven out by their dying world to plunder a new one.

The biggest socialist scumbag of them all, H.G. Wells, said that it is likely that many beautiful and exceptional human beings would have to be exterminated in the march to a world government. He was talking about you, in case you have not guessed yet. He's the one who originally hatched this invasion premise to begin with and the global elites intend it as a sort of tribute to him to base the coming false flag on his fiction.

Globowarmthinkery Is And Always Was Bunkum

I knew about these cyclic climate patterns back in 1997 and I knew the current one was singularly unusual trending towards a new Ice Age, not more of the interglacial. Anybody with an introductory understanding of geosciences would know this. Simply paying attention in the first fifteen minutes of Earth sciences in high school, you'd have picked this up. Apparently 98% of the population was just faking it.

There's a reason it's called the interglacial. It's an abnormally warm period between glaciations. Our entire civilization has sprouted up during this period and peaked at the end of it. Party is over. Time for the cold to return.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Krisschans : Communists Without The Brains

The really scary parts of the 'Kwa are the ones run by the children of the Devil themselves, Krisschannians. A viler, more wicked race has not existed on the Earth since the days of Sodom.

Again, a people who are sleepwalking. Consciousness no different than that seen in the brute beasts of the field. In so many ways, they have ceased to be human. This is happening all across the West.

Since Communist and Marxist degeneracy have completely subsumed this open sewer, all that really remains is for them to get themselves an official communist government in place and they'll be done.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Media Blackout : Top Banker Says Kwanzania Is About To Die Screaming Eating Baby Meat And Burning ZOGBux For Fuel

Incredibly, this story got almost no media coverage of any kind.

If Ben Bernanke feels obligated to tell people that the entire country is about to crater, you know it's close to the end of the matter. This guy is essentially a clown paid to do flips and juggle to keep the people happy. When even this guy is telling people ITZ COMING you know it is a very bad situation.

Chaos. More chaos. Anarchy and chaos. The creeping crud of chaos is coming to swallow up the Kwanstain in a pall of smoke, blood and fire. Another empire that dies in a storm of paper currency and hyperinflation. Don't worry though, things should get back to normal around 2020 or thereabouts. Sure they will. Or, never.

A Circle Of Hell Called Kwanzania

Things like this happen because everybody involved is sleepwalking.

I know because my own children were bullied when they were still going to school. Trying to bring it to the attention of the school was exactly like trying to rouse a sleeping man, a narcoleptic. Something was missing in their eyes. Lights on ... but nobody is really home. Nothing ever makes an impression on them. It's like they have no souls. They are only a semblance of real people. A somnambulent race of zombies.

Things don't register on them. They can't because they are deep asleep and what few impressions they receive, they incorporate into their dream.

The parents are sleepwalking. The children are sleepwalking. The teachers are sleepwalking. The public officials are sleepwalking. The politicians are sleepwalking. The government is sleepwalking. The lawyers are sleepwalking. The doctors are sleepwalking. The entire civilization is sleepwalking.

Like any sleepwalker, they don't see where they are going because they are asleep.

They think they are taking a nice walk on the beach. In this dream they are having, they believe everything is okay. Nothing bad happens on the beach.

In reality they are twenty floors above the ground walking on the edge of a roof, headed for the precipice.

It is possible for this reason that death, when it comes for them, won't even instill the right kind of fear in them. They'll still be caught up in the dream. What is this strange rushing feeling on the beach, the sense they are tumbling over and over? They incorporate it into the dream. It's just the tide, they think. The tide is rolling over me.

In a millisecond, they will hit the sidewalk and their dream will come to an end.

Prehuman, animal consciousness. A return to paganism and blood magic. Thousands of years of civilization peeling away to unleash the Id.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Apocalypse Trifecta

A new Ice Age. Economic Collapse. Famine.

Three forces all reaching their climax at the same time. A most unfortunate conjunction which will end in the equivalent of a grand extinction event. Now imagine all this happening during the mother of all demographic shifts and the fall of the West.

I saw this coming ten years ago.

Today I would add a magnetic reversal, except that most would be unable to believe that all these things could possibly be synchronized to occur in the same historical era. It boggles the mind to contemplate.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Human Genes Say "Out_Of_Africa" Is A Lie

Rubbish science in the same bin with globowarmthinkery, the "Big Bang" and Black Holes. All ideas that were politically motivated to begin with, then a "consensus" was engineered to "prove" them.

It's a living if you can't get a proper day job.

If diversity is really important, then why are they genociding the real minorities?

Everything you know is wrong. Stick around Vault-Co and you'll find out whenever I get the patience to blog.

Where has mankind come from? I can't tell you anything for certain but I know that the truth is so close to us all at any moment we can practically taste it. I will tell you that the predecessors of mankind starting with Neanderthal were smarter, stronger, more virtuous and longer lived. Homo Sapiens represents a compromise of our original genetic stock, not an improvement.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Decoupling The Planet From Life

Pay attention to the similarities between right now and the early 1930's when the Depression really began to take hold.

Countries fight over the dwindling share of consumption in the world by trying to export their way out of their essential problem which is demand ... dropping beyond the means of any remedy. It's a zero sum game that eventually flatlines, leaving a glut of goods, no buyers and a pile of fiat currency which is effectively worthless.

World War II was started for the same reason that World War III will be. As a last minute act of desperation to try to stimulate demand.

Same old humans. Bigger weapons by far this time around. The last world war was counted in millions of civilian casualties, the next will be measured in billions.

British Druids : Obey Us Or We'll Blow You Up

This is a real commercial.

You couldn't make this stuff up. Unbelievably Orwellian.

At least 50% of all people alive in the Western world today are clinically insane. Seriously.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Dying Empire Will Have It's Last Gasp

Commentary on the Pentagon paper released in the summer of this year.

All empires when fading will try to resuscitate themselves with war. It's an inevitable fact of history.

This time, the barbarians will be packing nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. They will be dropping H-Bombs from orbit, operating armies of robotic drones and using lasers to blind entire armies. That's a game changer that will make this war approaching unlike any other.

Modern Science Is A Laughingstock

The sabre tooth tiger and the great mammoth herds all decided to off themselves by putting their heads in the oven and turning on the gas.

The Clovis people collectively decided to give up because they got tired of their lifestyle and thought it was too much trouble to relocate.

Megafauna across the planet all decided to become extinct when they got really depressed after realizing they would have to buy new compasses because of the Gothenburg magnetic reversal.

The Florida Keys and about a thousand other crater depressions formed at the same time were due to a cultural shift in the personal preferences for level soil.

Nanodiamonds fell from thin air along with trillions of pounds of highly radioactive carbon worldwide because some gay Clovis people wanted to add spicy accents to their environment.

Modern "science" is postmodernist gibberish.

That's okay ... because I suspect we are due for another "cultural" change very, very soon.

In case you have not guessed at my implied meaning behind the sarcasm.

Somebody is getting paid a lot of money to steer attention away from the Gothenburg magnetic reversal and it's resulting fallout. If I planned to vanish with my pals into my own gigantic government shelter in the next two years, I would not hesitate to spend a little money in the scientific community to keep the sheeple confused and off-balance until then. There is no doubt in my mind this "scientific study" was funded as an explicit fraud to increase obfuscation and buy time.

Kwanzania, Nation Of The Damned

All the stragglers in the mainstream are trying to seem to be prophetic but the truth is that none of them saw this coming until it was inevitable.

Media people by their very nature are always :

* Wrong
* Behind the times
* Behind the Power Curve
* Incorrect in their conclusions
* The last to know what is news
* The only ones left who don't know what is happening

They are the most eager by nature to promote their own misconceptions and the least competent to warn others about anything.

To the victors of history go the spoils and the right to make the history.

A thousand years from now, it is possible that the Chinese people will teach that the white ghosts, the barbarian Han, are a mythical people who never even existed. Tales of such creatures will be categorized alongside the Unicorn and the Cockatrice.

Friday, October 1, 2010

False Flag In the Works We Told You About

What a coincidence, all these stories running together in the world press like dominos

All about the same phoney distraction just as globowarmthinkery has tanked

These beings represent a threat to us, you see - just like globowarmthinkery did

We should surrender our sovereignty to some supranational body to combat this "menace"

I bet those aliens are timing their invasion fleet armada to synchronize with the widespread unemployment of global warming charlatans as budgets come under review

The aliens must want to secure jobs for marxist bums and freeloaders, it's obvious. How considerate of them to help these bolshevist losers get replacement jobs in this economy. Crossing lightyears in their super advanced craft and it turns out they are all far left socialists when they get here, expressing mutual solidarity with their comrades.

So it turns out they were only crying wolf that other thousand times.