Friday, October 29, 2010

Here We Go - Two For One In Russia

Kamchatka Peninsula, registered with the supervolcano extinction cycle in previous eras, now has two going off at the same time, indicating very big magma flows underneath the peninsula. Madness in Indonesia, perched on the ring of fire. Australia's front yard. Expecting to get some heavy ashfalls here one of these days.

You think food prices are high now. Wait until ash blocks out sunlight for a couple of years. Then it's going to be babies, the other white meat.

There hasn't been much back stocking going on for some time. If you don't pack it, you're going to find it unaffordable one of these days. Move now on your food storage when you can still buy a bag of rice for less money than you make in a year.


Anonymous said...

There are a lot of reasons to prep and I can buy 25lbs of rice at Walmart for $7.29. You get some funny looks at the checkout line with a cart full of 25 lbs of rice. Now what I need is about 20 cans of coffee, 100 lbs of sugar and a case of creamer.

Anonymous said...

Even if someone doesn't believe that ITZ is coming they can be conviced to do it because the prices are obviously going way up and money can be saved.

Packing your rice only makes sense no matter how you look at it.