Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Netduino : Is This The Vault-OS Core?

The Netduino. Holy Grail Of .Net Micro Framework Devices. Seriously.

They're selling out. I have to wait for restock here in Australia to buy one.

The .NET Micro Framework sounded like the greatest idea in the history of embedded devices five years ago. Unfortunately with starter kits at $399 originally even for the cheapest evaluation boards, it wasn't really practical to think of using these in Vaults.

Many a night I have sort of dreamed in my head, "Somebody ought to take one of these super powerful super cheap boards like the Arduino or AVR and port the .NET Micro Framework to it to create a standalone SBC board you could develop multithreaded networked apps for on your PC in Visual Studio. That would definitely be the bomb. That's probably not going to happen any time soon." Here it is, though.

My plan is to get a bunch of these and port the BACNet stack to it for BACNet communication with Vault-OS. You could use it to do all kinds of tough, repetitive standalone jobs like external sensor monitoring, fuel and water management, battery and power management. It even occurred to me you could make this thing into a Vault-OS Sentry instead of an X86 and have that run on extremely low power when there is nobody in the shelter.

If I write the code for that I promise to open source it on the Vault-OS site.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Elites Get Ready For Global Cooling

Ten years ago, we asked you to imagine something called the "Apocalypse Trifecta."

A New Ice Age Snap Descending In Less Than One Year On The World, with all the resulting side-effects including the Mother Of All Famines.

The Mother of All Economic Collapses At The Same Time, Making Oil Resources (for heating) A Life-Or-Death Proposition For Nations

The Mother Of All Wars, Both Civil and Worldwide, As A Result of the Above. Imagine all those ethnic distinctions crammed into the same living space with no food, no heat and no hope. The Mother of all Wars across the globe. Hobbs war-of-all-against-all. The last word in population reduction strategy by Nature.

Later I learned that this whole tragedy may finally be capped by magnetic reversal and the temporary loss of the shield against cosmic radiation. I realize this is just too much for the ordinary mind to absorb. It's okay if you've had twenty years to adjust the way I have to this news but it's outside the capacity of what the average person is capable of coping with at once.

I could put ten thousand links up here supporting each and every one of these conclusions, however chances are I already have. I suspect being part Neanderthal enables you to see the big picture in a way that ordinary minds simply can't. It's not that other people understand and remember the same information I have but disagree with my conclusions, it's that they cannot comprehend, remember or associate this information the way that I can. It's not that they reach different conclusions - it's that they simply don't reach any conclusions. Everything is a competition with ordinary people. They are less interested in the information than merely trying to establish if you think you are better than they are or claiming you can do things they can't. It's the information I hope you are interested in. For whatever reason, my mind runs cleaner and more efficiently than that of ordinary people. I'm not trying to parlay that into a reality show or impress you, I'm just saying apparently that I got the short stick genetically when I was born and maybe as a result of other things that happened to me. What is hard for the average person is easy for me to deduce. Please don't send me money or ask to subscribe to my newsletter. All that simply brings me to draw another conclusion - I'm obligated to give a warning to others like me. Obligated by virtue of being that person.

Friday, September 24, 2010

This Is Good For A Laugh

Not only is everything they know wrong. Even what little they think they know for certain is wrong. They don't know that.

So they not only know nothing. They don't even know what they don't know.

Without sarcasm, I believe all the general sciences were far more advanced immediately after World War II than they are now.

Modern "science" is just one big gag reel put together by charlatans, frauds, fakes and tenure leeches.

Professor Stannard argues that it is impractical to go on building ever larger and more powerful machines to keep seeking new breakthroughs. M-Theory – Stephen Hawking’s preferred explanation of the content of the universe – could not be tested without a particle accelerator the size of a galaxy.

Of course it would be the size of a galaxy. Of course it would. Let's get started building that thing right away, since Steve thinks it's a good investment. Now should we make that check out for cash or for the bearer? Let's endorse the back so you can get that thing cleared at the liquor store across the street.

Contrast with the 18th century when most scientists made their breakthroughs with common household lab equipment they built without funding and in doing so discovered some of the fundamental laws of the universe. Steve needs a particle accelerator the size of the galaxy to prove his notions valid. On the other hand, he could just be a delusional man in the advanced stages of degenerative disease showing the characteristic dementia that accompanies this kind of illness. In any case, we should start on that particle accelerator right away. It's sure to be worth the work.

This is a declining civilization. You're living in it, now, at this moment. It won't go back up ever again until it has completed a round circuit trip to the uttermost bottom.

Kwanstainia Is Hopelessly Doomed

I don't want you to think I'm superficial but I have to tell you, the intelligence of the female reporters for the Russian Times is matched by their incredible beauty. Contrast with Fox News, where the women are also handpicked for their attractiveness but have minds on par with hummingbirds.

If you don't believe me, watch segments from the Russian Times and listen to the questions and replies the female reporters provide. Very smart girls. I don't know if I've seen too many girls like this in my entire life. Pretty ones are common enough but that kind of brain in combination is pretty irresistible for me. I can honestly say I have the biochemical profile of a gay man when normal women are talking - it's impossible for me to find them attractive in any way. On the other hand, with these kinds of girls ... the second you hear those brains, my pants start to shrink. There must be an alien planet somewhere that they have women like this in abundance. I wish I could have grown up on that planet. I bet you that's my ancient neanderthal genes trying to steer me to a proper mate instead of one of those Fox News types of women.

The average female in the 'Kwa is little more than a barnyard animal with a nice coat relatively. Most of the 30 years I lived in America, I rarely met a woman who could speak in complete sentences or even remember what country she was in. It's either something in the water or else they managed to breed the brains right out of that stock altogether. Sometimes watching Fox News, I feel a bit ill when the women are speaking with that soft porn makeup and droll mindless bunkum. I can't imagine anything less sexy in the universe. Russian Times reporters, on the other hand ... wow.

Kwanstainia Is A Doomed Nation

Invited to a congressional hearing. The pending super depression, external invasion and collapse of the United States is a great opportunity for a guy to do a segment for the show. Notice the congressional members did not even have the sense to cut this asshole's microphone off and expel him from chambers.

It's not even a real country any longer. It's a caricature of a nation that used to exist. I suppose the only thing left to do is to laugh at it all, anyhow.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oatley Electronics Australia's Kick-Ass Contribution To Civil Defense 40 Years Later For The lM174A/PD

The incredible IM174A/PD uses an ionization chamber instead of a Geiger-Muller tube, meaning detection takes place through analog measurement of statically charged surfaces. This also means that the devices are similar to the electronics you saw in Fallout 3 - they have an almost infinite shelf life. Built of solid, sealed metal with analog based parts, they are not only immune to EMP but also to most shock, vibration and humidity changes. Geiger tubes change over the years and need to be recalibrated. The IM179A is similar to the Cresson-Kearny fallout meter in that it is automatically calibrated by the laws that govern electrical charges.

I have collected many of them over the years with the intention of getting around to building a modified battery for them to replace their original batteries which are now extinct and no longer manufactured. To this end I have also collected enormous amounts of technical documents on .PDF and in JPG diagrams so I'd have the specs necessary to accomplish this daunting task. I have so many jobs like this in my buffer it would almost certainly have been a long time before I got around to it. I actually have two of these sitting on the top shelf of the comms desk in Firehold Bravo where I put them six years ago.

Oatley Electronics is another little easter egg we have here in Australia in addition to Dontronics. They never fail to impress with strange, offbeat and retro surplus. They are always contributing kits for Silicon Chip Magazine and then selling them off their site. They have supplied me with innumerable trinkets over the years I have cherished like DC motors for vertical axis wind turbines, ozone generators, offbeat sensors and unusual hard-to-find items which have proved to be better than anything you could buy manufactured in recent times.

You can imagine my amazement this month when Oatley knocked the ball out of the park by not only discovering a vast supply of mint condition, pristine IM179As in a warehouse where they have been sitting the past forty years ... but then created their own market for the devices by figuring out how to construct a clever kit to replace the batteries, overcoming one of the biggest obstacles to their retrofitting for modern day Vaults!!

I almost broke a finger ordering three more last night from them. If you cannot wait like me, the battery kit is described explicitly in the PDF document at that link. It's very simple and most people could build it within an hour or so if they have the parts. It also looks to me like the basic principles for the battery kit would work with a wide assortment of substitution parts, possibly keeping this device running for another 40 years well into and through the worst part of the Apocalypse.

You'll excuse me, I have to go and change my underwear. I strongly advise you to order one of these babies if you have not acquired one already. It's the coolest development since hard candy in tins for Civil Defense and possibly the most useful retrofit of a radiation device I have ever seen.

Now all we need is for somebody out there to figure out how to make this into a digitally integrated device by serial cable or I2C link and we'll all have an EMP proof super radiation detector for Vault-OS that will never break down and never become irrelevant. I might take a stab at it, I have had some ideas looking at the original technical specifications. My idea was to use a BASIC stamp to run a POT or RTIME over the meter terminals and figure out what the range was of corresponding voltage.

The Smoking Deep Crater Formerly Known As The Nation of Kwanzania

What is going to happen to the country once known as the United States will make the Argentina collapse look like a caviar shortage.

Right when it starts to hit so badly it is unbearable, that's when Mother Nature will be introducing winters that feature months of subzero freezing winds, power blackouts and blocked supply roads ... in addition to fuel prices that make survival for most folks too pricey to afford.

Then, it may start to get really bad.

Worst Possible In 2012 Is Playstation Disruption

You just keep believing that. It's why those stories are being put out now.

Three years ago, not a mention that anything might happen at the next solar maximum. Not a word. Anything suggesting same was crazy talk by conspiracy nuts and paranoid lunatics.

Now it is saturation of the media with this story about a possible electrical outage. The same theme played in all outlets like they were reading from a script.

Yes, that's the worst thing that could happen from a large solar X-Class flare hitting the unstable magnetic field and causing a reversal or exodus of our magnetic shield, the only thing standing between us and deadly, horrific surface boiling cosmic radiation.

So stock up on batteries and candy bars, regular service will commence shortly thereafter. Nothing to see here, people, please keep moving along. We need you to keep working at those day jobs and paying those tax revenues so we can finish our own shelters off.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Will There Be A September Surprise?

Sorcha Faal, whoever she/he really is (probably Putin's disinfo branch) just has too many good links here to ignore.

Especially worrying was Tony Robbins, who apparently is directly hooked into the Obama administration. When eternal optimists and feelgood doctors start to tell you to pack your rice, you can bet things are about to get dicey.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The World You Knew Is Dead.

Luckily, 95% of the people who read this article will not understand the implications of what it is saying. They don't have the native intelligence to know what is being talked about. If they did understand what it means, they'd clog the streets with their possessions on their backs running for the hills in terror with nothing but shotguns and cans of baked beans, in addition to grabbing whatever teenage girls they could chain to the bumpers of their caravans.

Read the comments that follow the article. Oblivious. The people who read it have no idea what just passed in front of their eyes. If you understand the irony of the story about the boy who cried wolf until a real wolf appeared and nobody listened, you'll begin to understand the magnitude of crime that was committed by the global warming hoaxers.

Chances are they'll think "Wow, this could really impact on cappuccino service. From now on I may only order half-caf flat whites. I also better stock up on socks."

What is being talked about here (executive summary) is a world that will make McCarthy's THE ROAD look like a lighthearted romantic comedy about girl scouts who discover a hidden meadow of rainbow ponies. THE ROAD will be classed a feelgood optimistic hit-of-the-summer fluff film compared to what we are looking at over the next decade.

Just freezing to death/starving on baby meat is the upbeat outcome. What is far more likely is described in the original paradigm shattering secret report for the U.S. government that we have a permanent link to at the right. It's an apocalyptic hell of unimaginable proportions where Cobalt-60 is as common as lint in the jetstream and people long for the days they used to eat baby meat instead of the cockroach bread they survive on now.

No, seriously.

We said it ten years ago when it was crazy enough to get us confined to an institution on premise alone. Ten years later, it's old news. Almost everybody is starting to figure out what we and Robert Felix knew a long, long time ago.

As Robert said first ... long before nukes are in the air ... we'll be fighting in the streets over food.

That's why we said this ten years ago ... and we're saying it again now.


I T Z__C O M I N G

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vatican : UK Is A Luciferian Garbage Tip No Decent Person Would Kennel A Dog In

The dog would object to the unsanitary living conditions.

The entire UK is swirling down the toilet bowl so rapidly that in ten years it will be nothing but a memory. It's inhabitants will live under sharia law for the next ten thousand years and everything of it's former existence will be forgotten and expunged from history.

... unless Mother Nature is hiding a huge secret from all the poor delusional manboons.

Vault-Co says ITZ COMING. There nothing more heartwarming than seeing a wide range of cultures and religions all come together in the same nation so they can die screaming eating baby meat and freezing to death in the snow. Man plans to drive nature out with a pitchfork and yet she always returns, good sir. She always returns. Man is not a cosmic end in himself in terms of meaning, rather he is subject to the whims and changes of the planet as much as any animal. All these things are far, far outside of his control.

When a new Ice Age arrives, all the filibuster bluster speeches in the world won't be able to save you. The only people who will survive are those who have food, water and heat. Everybody else will die with their delusional paradigms choked in their throats by frost.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Gotta Be Kidding Me - Ethernet For $4.22

Had to pass this along. It's an insane price.

I can remember seeing an Ethernet miniboard in 2001 for $129.00 and thinking, gosh how cheap can a component like that get?

In combination with my pending switch to BACNet communication, opens up Vault-OS to all kinds of crazy intelligent nodes and devices. If you think about what other stuff is coming onto the market like image and speech recognition chips falling into surplus in the mobile phone markets ... you are really seriously looking at a science fiction networked system for your vault the likes of which was only in Hollywood movies twenty years ago. There is supposedly a mobile phone display circulating now on EBay with intelligent VT-100 serial commands, so even a small terminal in Vault-OS could display floating 3D diagrams of maps and layouts in real time as fed to it from the server! "Fire detected in generator room" and it is marked in BACNEt as a diagram receiver, so it shows you exactly what triggered the alert on a little mini map! You know even before you get there it's on the battery bank, so you grab tools to suppress an electrical fire!

The amazing thing about raw socket frames for Ethernet is that's it is two-way and basically asynchronous. Anything can talk when it wants and anything can receive. Imagine a raw frame network as a whizzing stream of mail going by - all the device has to wait for is a tiny niche to insert it's traffic before dispatching a BACNet packet into the rushing flow of messages circulating everywhere. The address on the packet marks it to a certain IP and that's where it gets plucked out of the stream.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Vault-Co & Robert Felix = Right : Everybody Else = Wrong. Doubly So On All Accounts In All Regards.

The last one came on in a single year, exactly as we were telling you a decade ago, long before anyone else had the faintest clue about these things.

Ice core analysis produced such simple results a child could have interpreted them over twenty years ago. Unfortunately, most adults are far inferior to children in their ability to reason.

Kwanstain Executes Mentally Ill Prostitute Female By Cooking Her In Solar Powered Oven

More beasts than men, these Kwanzanians.

The Sodomites had more cause to call on God for mercy when they met with their destruction than does this bunch.

Horribly corrupt nation run by psychotics. Deserves everything it's going to get and then some.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Doomsday For Kwanstainia Is Nigh Indeed

... and what better time to party like there's no tomorrow with my peezos!

Drinks for everybody! It's on their dime, let's enjoy it while it lasts! We know they're all doomed, so let's live it up. Stoopid pink peckerwoods got suckered again and it's their own fault. Like taking candy from a baby.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Street Theatre For Human Chattel

I hope no Vault-Co readers are buying:

1. Glenn Beck's baloney, the best fake opposition that money can buy. Enjoy the refreshments and balloons courtesy Rupert Murdoch footing the bill.

2. The manufactured controversy over the "Mosque at Ground Zero." (Indications are that such plans are no more real than the fake terrorist organization calling itself "Big Toilet" in arabic)

3. The well-funded public dramatics staged by Terry Jones, a known embezzler and fornicating criminal fake just like Cyrus Scofield was. Somebody is feeding Jones money to flap his lips in front of cameras about nothing much in particular whilst pretending to be an evangelist.

The truth is, there is no game so old it can't be rehashed a little and presented to the sheeple as something new. Some people, you fool all of the time.

Anything to gin up a new war - which is really what this is all about. Getting the goyish types to parachute into Iran with a faulty M-16 and a candy bar off the back of a troop carrier. Works every time.

Remember the summer of the "child abductions" before they went into Iraq? Stoopid goy beasts are so easily herded into wars.

After a while and with the perspective of age and long experience, you begin to realize you may not have been recognizing the real bad guys here.

The real bad guy is an asshole so savage, idiotic and murderous that you can whip him into a frenzy and use him the way you would a hand tool to kill anybody with just a few theatrics like these. Sure, those others are bad guys. The question is, does that make their rubes the "good guys?" I don't think so.

I think they're all bad guys. All of them. I don't buy into that poor whitey crap anymore. Just like I don't buy into that poor negro crap anymore. All they are is a lot of apologetics and excuses to conceal what is basically a rotten soul. What do you say about a man who will happily carpet bomb unarmed women and children in civilian areas over a pretext so thin that any fool could see through it? I'd say that person was going to probably kill somebody somewhere sooner or later. As Nietszche pointed out ... the good war heralds any cause with these homo sapiens.

If you come here for the condensation of all this garbage into the real news, here is the executive summary:


BBC Correspondent Will Soon Be Dead

Check this out. I always laugh to watch this. Even after a heavy debriefing, they couldn't stop this idiot from blurting out the wrong thing during his speech. That's what happens when you put a retard up as your front man.

It makes me think of that Simpsons episode where the FBI agents are trying to teach Homer his new undercover name. "When I hit your knee with this mallet, you tell me what your new name is." "Homer Simpson." Even after hours the guy couldn't get it. Homer Simpson is practically a quantum physicist compared with sweetlips.

Solar Shotgun Blast Singes The Hair On Terra's Ass : Sheeple Encouraged To Eat More Pistachio Nuts And Floss Regularly

Sure, it's one X-Class flare after another, each of them increasingly greater magnitude! Ain't hit us yet, though! Proves it never will! Now let's all do the polka, step lively.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quantitive Easing : Fancy Word For Debauchment

It's only happened about 40-50+ well documented times that we know of in the past 2000 years, over and over again.

The actors change or else the play would be unbearable. The dialogue and plot never changes.

No lessons to be learned and if there were mankind is incapable of learning them anyhow.

As it has happened before so it will happen again. With one addendum.

Nothing of this magnitude and scale has ever happened before in the history that we know about.

The Founding Fathers would be flabbergasted to discover what the country has done to itself and to any other nation that trusted it for an instant. They would insist that nobody could possibly screw anything up as badly as this. Surely if a man had the sense that the Lord God gives to a goose he could do better, Benjamin Franklin would say. They could not believe it even after seeing it with their own eyes.

Hawkings Is Absurd

Looking back over the years, the man has never written anything but gibberish.

It's a living.

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.

KJV Corinthians 3:19

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

PACK YOUR RICE : Food Soon To Be a Luxury

People are starting to worry and they know something is coming.

Part of the depopulation scheme was sending the sheeple looking after the straw man of global warming whilst this entire time they have had a new ice age bearing down on them. Making sure the cattle are truly "left out in the cold" when it hits.

Imagine this geopolitical situation and one of these supervolcanos blowing (soon) right when people least expect it. They've all become active worldwide, how many more days can we play at this casino before we lose everything?

Wake Up, Little Sheeple

You're on the slaughterhouse floor. That beautiful music you hear is not the singing of angels. It's the muzac they play while the animals await their turn on the ramp.

Kenyan Plan For Economic Recovery : Dance!

Yeah, that'll save us all.

It's already working wonders in Kenya.

After this is over they are going to start on their initial planning to harvest helium-3 from the moon using space ladder accelerators. Right after I put an arrow in that bitch's head down there for looking at me funny.

That post-apocalyptic looking shopfront back there is where they are going to install their network servers right after they get their T1 backbone line in place. The last one had to be torn up to use to tether chickens with.

Do you know what the #1 reason in Kenya is that single mothers cannot maintain an egg-laying business? Ready? You couldn't make this stuff up. Their teenage sons sodomize the chickens to death before they reach capacity. It's often lauded in editorials in Kenya as a huge obstacle to even subsistence farming. The younger boys cannot help themselves, they f*ck the chickens to death. This is not a rare practice we are talking about. It's a serious problem in Kenya. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Idiots Arrive Late To The Party, Declare Themselves The Only Ones On Time

I guess it beats finally conceding that you're an incredible moron who managed to miss evidence of a new ice age staring you in the face for the past fifty years. They're just clutching at straws. More than anything, they need to keep pretending they are scienmajistic types. It's their vanity that seals their doom.

Quisling Was Promised The Position

I didn't want to depress my Australian friends. They had hope that a man as simple and as straightforward as Tony Abbott would ever be permitted to take leadership. I don't think they would believe what really goes on behind the scenes.

Australia is a managed colony, an unofficial satellite of the U.S. and the peasants would have never been allowed a warm blooded mammal in the highest office. Australia needs to be maintained as a possible escape strategy for the elite and the last thing they want is an unknown quantity in charge of it.

In exchange for stabbing Rudd in the back, Gillard was promised she would be his successor. Through social engineering, sophistry and fraud she was established, after a brief period of contention to make it seem as if there were ever any doubt. They know the sheeple have a very short attention span so they dragged it through a great swamp of legalism until their tiny minds moved on to something else.

Monday, September 6, 2010

FAIL : Crater Kwanzania

4th dynasty pharoah issues papyrus credit with the royal seal to cover his debts.

This has all happened before.

The people who run the 'Kwa behind the scenes are already headed for the lifeboats. Poor sheeple are to be kept distracted by wild tales of pending recovery whilst it slips beneath the waves. In coming years there will be no ridiculous "Labor Day" in the 'Kwa. There will be no labor, period. Just babies, the other white meat.

Crater Euro to be blasted out very shortly.

A nation of monsters soon to be delivered over to the wrath of God

Death cults end in death. No surprises there.

All Krisschanns are damned. No surprises there. The unclean will get their clocks cleaned. Your fake preachin' won't quench one minute of your agonizing thirst in hell. There are no group discounts in heaven and the real religion of Kwanzania is a one-way ticket into darkness.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Idiocracy History

... and then the "UN" attacked Charlie Chaplin's evil nazis and "Un-Nazied" the world using their giant dinosaurs! It's a scienmajific factoid!

Some of the People All of the Time

Is Robert Felix A Better Scientific Thinker Than Anyone In The Orthodoxy?

Read his comments on the recent concessions to rapid magnetic reversal evidence being obvious in rock and lava formations.

Notice that although the people in the mainstream have sat on the evidence for nearly forty years without allowing it out of the bag because they decided at the time it was "unlikely," Felix uses it as a critical reference in both his books and lets the reader decide. The orthodoxy decides whether or not evidence will be published or even permitted for the masses to look at. What are they afraid of? Do you know any honest people who deserve to call themselves scientists who operate like that? Everything is a big secret with these guys.

This was a very important conclusion and the gatekeepers decided for forty years you didn't need to know about this evidence. Robert Felix would appear to be better at referencing and consolidating the important ideas than the entire mainstream. I found both of his books had more information in a single chapter than entire libraries of the usual drivel from the people we are supposed to believe are "scientists" nowadays.

Fakirs and charlatans like Steven Jay Gould have so politicised it all that it has rendered entire fields a laughingstock and caused real science to grind to a complete halt for the past half century.

Empire Of The Sodomites

The children of Lucifer hold reign over everything.

Come out of the world. Be separate from it. Have enmity with it. It's ways should not be your ways.

Like me, you have to keeping working at a job and pretending to be one of the devil's kids yourself in order to do so. It isn't easy. I've had a lifetime to practice and I know what they want to hear. It doesn't mean I believe anything that they call self-evident. Not a word of it.

I am afraid of God so much because I was once one of these people. I was an atheist, a really good one, for nearly sixteen years. It disgusts me to even think about it.

These people remind me of myself and I know what a fool I was now. It actually hurts me to listen to these simpletons, no kidding.

Third World Government For Third World People

It makes sense, when you think about it.

In Kenya, the government kills their political opponents.

In America, the government now also kills their political opponents.

It's right because they cannot be wrong. That's what they think.

Anarchy and Dissolution

Increasingly it is not what you did, rather who you are and if you are permitted to get away with it.

Government people are special. They're not like you and me. They have special exemptions for everything. It's like during the Middle Ages when the local royal might run down one of your family members with their carriage and send you a pig for Christmas, if they were in a good mood.

Government routinely gets away with things now that previous generations would've considered monstrous. Whole regimes were toppled in the 50's and 60's over scandals like these.

Since modern people are without shame and without consciences, there can be no scandals. All things are permitted to those who know the right people.

Pedophiles exposed in the 70's would've committed suicide before the headlines were even printed. Nowadays they don't even interrupt their dinner plans.

"Top Secret" clearance used to mean you were an exemplary person who could be trusted. Now it means a person who can never be trusted by definition.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

People Reach The Same Conclusions I Did Back In 1997

... but they're cutting edge thinkers, I of course would be a petty crank.

I'm trying to put myself in their shoes and imagine what my perception would have to be like if I took until 2010 to reach these same conclusions. I would guesstimate my mind to be something akin to blackstrap molasses running down a tree. Incredibly, glacially, slow. If I squint and see how they would have finally been prompted to make these deductions based on recent events, it seems to me they would be extremely loathe to think much about anything.

Oil is abiotic. There was never any shortage. The only shortage has been the brains to tap more of it. What you get with a shortage like that caused by dullards will be the second easiest conflict resolution to seek and that is war for the particularly common mind. War is not coming over peak oil. War is coming over peak brains.

Magnetic Reversals

Proof positive it happens in the blink of an eye.

Proof positive it is getting ready to happen again.

Scienmajistic types claim this might make your compass obsolete. If you've read the necessary literature, you might be aware there could be more here than some confusion amongst migratory birds. The reversals are synchronized with global extinctions.

This may in fact, be the unified field theory of just about everything that has to do with human beings. It not only tells us how they got here, it may tell us how they got to be like that. This is complicated. It's not that I don't know exactly what I am talking about, it is that I don't know how efficient a use of my time it is to elaborate further every time it comes up. To properly even touch on the issue, I'd have to write another 300 paragraphs.

Once you understand enough on this subject, you will realize that catastrophic cycles are not the exception on this planet. They're the norm. Being oblivious to that won't save you.

To summarize : there are at least 40+ genes in human DNA and around 20,000 years of archaeology that testify to one basic fact. People who dig vaults underground and know when to make a dash for them end up surviving and passing their genes on to children who will someday do the same.

Friday, September 3, 2010

It Made Itself

Yawn. Saw it coming a long time ago.

You knew it would come down to this. Predictable. Boring.

Still pushing that Big Bang thing. It's like Global Warming. Hawkings, you're busted. It's over. Good smart person act, had a lot of people who weren't very bright themselves going there for a while with the whole Professor Xavier thing. Dark Matter. Black Holes. Big Bang. Could you have been more wrong? I don't think so. You're the opposite of smart in all regards. Hell, this guy isn't even clever.

You know what would be interesting, though? Seeing this dude go down a flight of stairs in that wheelchair like O.J. Simpson at the end of THE NAKED GUN. Now that would be funny. It would be choice if he landed in a pile of Holy Nails from the Cross and they exploded just as he fell on top of it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vault-OS : Now BACNet Compatible?

I was working on something really important to me last night - a shim to communicate with the BACNet enabled industrial RS-485 controller for my diesel generator which I recently got secondhand from EBay.

In some ways, this is the reason for Vault-OS. I need to sit in primary at the comms desk and check how much juice is in the batteries in Sparkgap, how much fuel is in the generator and be able to shunt power from solar or wind to the batteries safely while I refill the generator remotely from a pump or it charges the alternate batteries. The other stuff is great, measuring average temperature anywhere or turning fans on and off on a schedule, but the generator/power monitoring is the reason that Vault-OS is really indispensable. It actually supplies the power for all the other systems so it has to be automated in order for anything else to be automated.

While I was working on this little shim (A TSR in PowerBasic to change a Vault-OS network message into a BACNet message and send it along) I had to study the BACNet protocol. I had not really known anything about BACNet, the industrial standard for pooling automation into one collective network. In studying the commands for the shim I would need, I realized I had essentially reinvented half the protocol in Vault-OS, even the basic paradigms for distributed control of things. Looking side-by-side at the translation for the commands, I had things like SEND MANIFEST where BACNET had WHO-ARE-YOU. Where they had READPROPERTY I had GETVALUE in Vault-OS. I had duplicates like this for about 25% of the BACNet standard messaging format for Ethernet which I had put into the Vault-OS operability across mailslots. Where I had a little mini-language in scripted "BASIC" for my controllers, they had BACNet scripts which were roughly the same thing with a few nomenclature differences.

So it hit me.

I didn't need to write a shim so Vault-OS could talk to BACNet. I needed to adapt Vault-OS to use BACNet as it's native messaging format. In doing so, I would open up Vault-OS to almost infinite pluggable appliances in heavy duty environmental controllers and automation devices from anywhere in the world. If I wrote my own BACNet compliant scripting for DOS 16-bit and Windows 32-bit, Vault-OS would go from being a little proprietary closed communications protocol to a system that would comply with the industry standard for automation. Anybody with a copy of Vault-OS would be able to connect up any hardware they purchased with a bit of script as long as it had a BACNet interface, which almost everything does nowadays.

For example, I have PCI Calibre boards for I2C which run utterly different drivers than my calls out to I2C via the Dallas TSR/Win32DLL. I had not really thought through how I would connect up anything that wanted I2C but did not use my basic approach. I assumed I would write shims for different equipment as it became necessary. On the other hand, the Calibre board comes with a BACNet driver for Windows on the CD. All I had to do was write a little script in BACNet for the logic of what I wanted it to do and it would be running within minutes. It's actually easier to make my TSR/DLL code BACNet compatible and assume that is only one of many approaches a person might use in Vault-OS to connect to I2C sensor grids. This is the reason that BACNet has become the industry standard for environmental control and automation.

I have updated the Vault-OS site to reflect this development and consider this a refactor which will probably turn out to be the smartest move I have ever made for the code.

As of last night I had a very crude BACNet script engine running for Win32 which I will put up screenshots this weekend on the Vault-OS site.