Saturday, August 7, 2010

Western Economy Should Bounce Back ... Never

I'll just throw a round figure out there. "About five years." Maybe "about ten years." Or first thing off the top of my head "about yay long or so."

How about never.

Australia and New Zealand are going to maintain a decent standard of living and intact economies much longer than anywhere else because of their capacity for self-sufficiency. As for the rest of the Western world, it's done. It won't be bouncing back.

Britain, Europe and America have no critical mass of human capital left and to quote Lothrup Stoddard ... we could lose all our bridges, buildings and infrastructure to rubble and yet we would rebuild it in ten years if we still had our best genetic stock. If we lost those sharp faculties of perception and problem solving to dissolution then we could not rebuild any of it given a thousand years.

It took countless millennia of natural selection to produce the high water mark of postwar 1950s America and only a couple generations to lose it all. Once lost, it's not something that is going to come back. Not for a long, long time. There will be a new "normal" and the Kwans will discover it is "normal" for another family of men, not their own.

Just in time, a new Ice Age arrives to demonstrate how nature separates the wheat from the chaff. This is not a man's doing, nor something you can protest or sue against for discrimination. Nature has her own truth and it is different from that of Kwanzanians. Rudyard Kipling's Gods of the Copybooks have opened the page again and are waiting for mankind to take up their pencils for another lesson.


Anonymous said...

But aren't there plenty of people living in forests and mountains in Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, West Virginia, Vermont, Carolinas, Louisiana, Alberta, or Quebec?

There's probably still a large learned-in-self-sufficiency population in North America and Western Europe that knows how to live without a cash economy.

Although self-suffiency does not equate to better living, but that's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:04, I think Tex was talking about the intelligence of the current population versus the intelligence of the incredible men who built this civilization.

Once a civilization lowers its standards there is no turning back their eventual annihilation as a unique race and culture.

The White race that built all you see around you which is good and awesome is in its death throes as interbreeding with idiot races and its mystifying surrender to all that is base and corrupt.

Like Tex said..."We ain't going back to the Moon". Already New York City is resembling Bombay.

I welcome the Great Cleansing that is fast approaching. It can't happen soon enough. I live in this world, but am not a part of it.

Anonymous said...

Most people will be wiped out in such a SHTF situation as they have no real value or skills or ability to survive.

Anonymous said...

I remember you saying that the screening and vaccines were causing many of the diseases:

This would seem to confirm your beliefs, although the media miss the mark completely by firing a shotgun-blast blame game that still misses the target (probably deliberately) you hit long ago.

Anonymous said...

It's now official, even the New York Times announced that ITZ coming for America.

One of their jews, Paul Krugman, gets every little detail right but of course when it comes to the solution he's all wrong, still trying to mislead the public.

America goes dark.

Anonymous said...

Agricultural disaster in the making. 30 million less tons of grain than the year before and it will take years to recover production. Prices for animal feed rocketing up. Costs of meat and dairy headed for more increases in the future. Wheat products set to go up (breads, pasta, etc.). All while food prices were already going up and wages and employment are going down. With Europe desperate and paying more for food the demand will cause prices to increase everywhere.

Imagine what would happen if something else gave this sorry situation another nudge? It could be a natural or man-made big disaster.

Didn't you say already that the end of cheap food was in sight?

I did notice that Putin knows to cut off the rest of the world and let them rot if it comes to it. They have reserves and resources for their own.

ID-ten-tango Wind said...

Tex, best read this. It's better than oats for keeping. How's 20 years for protein/fat?

Getting proper animals fats is key, even in relatively small amounts, and grains, beans, and rice don't fit the bill. Pemmican on the other hand meets that need just fine, and unlike the options mentioned above, Pemmican can last for twenty years or more. No food storage program that consists of healthy foods can come close to matching that kind of longevity, especially food storage of animal products.

"The Bread Of The Wilderness" – Pemmican

Anonymous said...

Matt Simmons just died of a "heart attack". Conveniently timed for a few certain powerful people...

Anonymous said...

check out this article from cnn money. becoming more and more mainstream.