Monday, August 16, 2010

Terminal Madness of the End Times #99

Oh, the next manned moon mission to scout for helium three on the dark side is a done deal, folks. The edjumafacated peeple are working on it even now as we speak.

No seriously, it will really happen. Whatnot and what have you.

The Western world couldn't mount a mission to the nearest 7-11 and be trusted with a fiver to pick up some potato chips and coke.


j said...

Although, sending these clowns to the dark side of moon isn't a bad notion.

Anonymous said...

Those tattoos are very attractive. I was about to mention that she'll sure be proud of them when she's 50, but then it occurred to me that she'll never make it to 50. Neither will the 'juggalos' or 95% of the current herd of Homo-Sheeplians.

Nope, there ain't gonna be any moon bases, Asteroid mining or Starships in Man's future.

Just a few tribes wandering about, following the herds, talking about a previous "Golden Age" and staring up at the Stars in wonder.

Andrew said...

Pretty hard not to notice the upside-down pentagram on her wrist - the behaviour of her "fans" is particularly apt.

Sadly I'm quite convinced of the validity of symbology - it abounds in the celebrity world with their handlers and "rehab" - see Fritz Springmeier.

It's in corporate logos and video games - bottom of screen - recently released starcraft 2. just to name a few things.

Looking at my childhood in retrospect I think you're quite right in claiming video games are indoctrination Mark - satanic over government though. The difference now being the sheer blatancy of modern "entertainment" over subtle suggestion in old TV shows such as "Bewitched" - the vast majority certainly appear to be under a spell.

Butterfly tattoos, eye of horus/all seeing eye/covering of one eye, pyramid gestures, obelisks, horned hand, peace symbol inverted, even the ok hand sign - just to name a few - with egyptian/pagan ties.

Fortunately most moral people seem to be innately adverse to the more extreme examples.

Anonymous said...

Just for fun, Tex, did you ever hear about this project from almost 50 years ago? A nuclear ramjet.

Kinda makes you wonder what they got now.

Solsys said...

Andrew, you may be interested in this blog. Surf a bit in it, because details and structures are analysed here that have surfaced in other occurences (esp. video clips) that are exactly similar.

For instance the nonsensical "California Gurls" video clip with Katy Perry makes suddenly a lot of (occult) sense.

Anonymous said...

my 9 year old video game addicted cousin sent me a framed painting he'd done.
i initially thought it was something abstract until i finally figured out it was a painting of a squashed animal, a big red squishy blob with a few bits of white for bones here and there. he'd even signed it '666' on the bottom.
very wrong and disturbing.