Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Recap From 2005 : Magnetic Reversal

This is worth reprinting. It was relevant five years ago but has become absolutely mandatory reading in the Vault-Co catechism now. Amazing what a difference five years can make, isn't it?

We started work on our shelter ten years ago because we knew about this very situation long ago before it hit any mainstream periodicals. We knew we were headed into a new Ice Age and that Ice Ages hit rapidly, sometimes in days not millennia. We knew that the transitions into new Ice Ages are always accompanied by volcanism and tectonic movements. We knew that the beginnings of Ice Ages often feature changes in the magnetic field that are disturbingly close to extinction events in the geological record. We knew that unprecedented changes were taking place in the outer atmosphere that clearly showed we were entering a new Maunder Minimum.

We knew about all of these things but we didn't really know exactly what it all meant until we read Robert Felix's excellent book.

Please ignore the eerie apocalyptic lights in the sky at night, people. Nothing to see here, keep moving along. Go to your day jobs and keep those tax revenues coming in so we can finish our own vaults.

Ordinary people have very short memories. They cannot remember it if it happened last week. Even if it did happen, if it isn't emphasized by their media it won't be retained, won't stick in their consciousness. Even when retained, they won't be able to make associative connections with other bits of information. They are always doomed to be surprised by everything.

I'm always stunned when people ask me what makes me so sure something is happening on this planet. It's like they were asking me what makes me so sure that we should put toilet water on plants instead of Brawndo. If the average person could remember anything that happened over fifteen minutes ago, they wouldn't need to ask.


Anonymous said...

Mainstream media is reporting a solar eruption due to put on a lightshow in the next few days. Beginning of something even bigger?

Anonymous said...

This ain't "IT", but it's a great start. Just a couple of little baby CME's I'm look forward to NASA's attempt to explain the one's that follow which will be increasingly more powerful.

I read where this solar cycle is going to climax in 2013. People will think that they will get a break until then.

Oh no, grasshopper! I wonder what will be left of us by 2013.

Rowan said...

On an unrelated topic... I remember reading somewhere, I think Tex said it, that homeschooled children are in a whole league of their own compared to state educated kids.

In the last few days I've spent some some with mostly homeschooled kids who live in the middle of nowhere, eating homegrown/home slaughtered food, who have been raised without the tube for a babysitter.

The 9 year old is clearly my intellectual superior. I found myself straining to keep up... I'm not exaggerating at all. I think given a few weeks practice I'll have no problem keeping up, I'm just not used to it. I doubt the parents are pushing above a 120-130 IQ and there doesn't seem to be anything in the fresh mountain stream water.

Seriously, these kids could think for themselves, I couldn't bullshit the older ones like you can with most kids.

If you filled an entire country with these kids, easy access to current knowledge (as we have in the West today) they'd be taking holidays on Mars within a few decades.

I know I'm rambling but my mind has been blown by the possibilities. The next Ice Age could be a very nice place to live.

Anonymous said...

Home schooling is about teaching your child all the knowledge that you can, hopefully making them a better and more prosperous generation than your own.

State eduction is about forcing them to be obedient, unthinking, quiet and never to challenge authority. Lessons that the state and those at the top want you to absorb. What knowldege you learn from "organized" education is a byproduct more than the goal. This why so many eager teachers end up frustrated or so disenchanted and cynical. The system is not compatible with trying to teach kids as best you can.

Even with a great IQ you end up rusty and seized up without that polish and lubricant of a good education to help you get going again. A lot of people could be polished up, if they ever get the chance or they seize it for themselves. It's like throwing off the weighted harness and finding you can run instead of shuffle.

Anonymous said...

A really good post. I'm glad that there are still people who share fresh and intresting ideas.