Saturday, August 21, 2010

Peasants Lose Habeas Corpus After 1000 Years Without A Shot Being Fired

They were too busy masturbating to tentacle porn and reading up on Lindsay Lohan's arraignment to notice this ancient right go soaring out the window with all their others. That's okay, because peasants are ordained by Providence to be the footstools of their rulers. Only humans can have rights. Farm beasts and other two-footed stock can only have grievances.

Vault-Co predicts the standing feud over what they can do with your carcass in Britonnia will end soon, with the government declaring eminent domain over the corpse of any bovine subject which drops inside the boundaries of the kingdom. There are people chomping at the bit to get at your organs when you die and they will open the floodgates for easy harvesting very shortly. When the bodies of sheeple hit room temperature, the doors will bust wide with the greedy like in ZORBA THE GREEK rushing forward with chainsaws and bone knives to divvy up the spoils. They'll take your eyes first, then throw the meat on the ground and let any free contractor get in there and fight for a profit share. Itz all part of the improvementation.

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Anonymous said...

The whole purpose behind ignoring language, culture, and hard fought personal rights is to innure the dumbed down populace to the incursions of the Global Elite.

In essence, to reduce the rights of the individual to ...Nil, Naught, Zed, Zero.

Non Compis Legititamus, Ad Infinitum, Ad Neuseum.

What better way to enslave the masses than to incorporate the "legimate" police powers of the "State" than to incorporate them them into an all-encompassing and irresistable power to remove an individual to a remote location to face a questionably "legal" system that is contrary to the societal and cultural norms of their home country.

This does not bode well well for the few, the very, very few of us who jealously guard the God-given rights that our forebears won for us by forcing, yes, FORCING, the English Crown to recognise our God-given rights under the Magna Carta.

May it be within the power of my English brethren to cast off this shameful usurpation of their natural, or be as it may God-given rights to resist an outright attack opun their individual, and personal Sovierenty.

Bad Dad.