Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Marine ITZ Hitz

I don't know who "Sorcha Faal" really is or what their allegiance is. Some people say it's paid disinfo, others suggest that site is authentic. I think at least half of what you read there should be taken with a grain of salt.

I had heard a rumor they waxed Matthew Simmons because he knew the underwater dispersants being used to conceal the oil volcano in the Gulf were entering the North Atlantic. I had dismissed it as some pretty far-out conjecture.

Then a few days later, millions of dead fish, seals and other sea life began to float to the top, all dead as a doornail. There have been flora and fauna wipeouts as far away as Greenland.

I'd say something is going on. I'm not sure what. Read the article, file the information. The oceans were already in deep trouble but this could be the big extinction event that finally creams it as a food source altogether.

More reason than ever to finish a freshwater aquaculture manager for Vault-OS. My son and I are working on Koi catfish in a bathtub raised by a computer from cradle to plate, we're still in the research stage.


Anonymous said...

Matt Simmons was a huge proponent of peak oil -- which is understandable since the perceived scarcity of the commodity that he used to deal with goes up in price as a result.

There is a complete media blackout on the use of Corexit as a dispersant.

Did they kill an insider because he was about to reveal the truth? Time will tell if what is said in the article comes to pass.

Rowan said...

Interesting article, mentions the booming vault construction business. I think realistically I could have a small vault up and running within 2 years. If Russian and Chinese construction schedules are anything to go by, I should have the time.

Rowan said...

Noticed this story as I checked my emails. I used to live in Stuttgart and spent many days in the German forests. I remember Tex said that he spent a month hiking in Germany.

Surviving after a cobalt salted nuclear war might be a bit tricky for those without an underground permaculture setup in their vaults.