Friday, August 20, 2010

Kwanzania Is Dead But Not Too Broke To Fight

Ten years ago I gave you two scenarios, a couple of months before all this madness started with the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City, an event that most of the world today believes (according to statistics) was carried out by elements in the U.S. and Israel as a false flag attack on their own soil.

1. In the first one, I told you that America could slip quietly into genteel poverty and slowly erode into third world status without trying to jumpstart their economy with a world war. By the time somebody thought to load and launch the tens of thousands of cobalt-tipped nuclear weapons in their arsenals, they would have rusted away so as to be harmless. The United States would descend into tribal anarchy, a 3000 mile wide flaming Bosnia-style ruin where you'd have to consult a street map to know what ethnicity you'd be fighting with on every block.

2. In the second one, America's psychotic rulers would enter into several regional wars that they would fan over time into all-out thermonuclear World War III, which would not run for a day but would continue for several years, with nuclear strikes and counterstrikes that would eventually depopulate most of the planet in the wake of very dirty fallout carried by the jetstream ... in addition to horrific biological and chemical weapons deployed mainly by nations against civilians in opposition countries, not military targets.

It's ten years later and I have to make a confession.

I only presented scenario #1 as an option because I thought this rose-colored glass, Pollyanna optimist feel-good claptrap might keep people reading long enough to get to scenario #2 and draw their own conclusion.

Scenario #1 was never going to happen.

Even Mr. Feelgood knows ITZ coming.


Anonymous said...

Μy estimation is somewhere in the middle.

It should be pretty clear by now that we're headed for a mini-world war, if of course things don't get out of hand but proceed as scripted, with the epicenter being the Middle-East.

The immediate target will be to break the Arab nations of the middle-east into tiny protectorates that will pose no threat to the existence of Israel in the future. For instance, a new Kurdish nation that will include land from both Iraq and Turkey.

The other target will be to cause so much fear and desperation among the population of the planet with the threat of an all-out nuclear war, as to force in the "nick of time" a "peace committee" that it will be given the power of World Government, and that the world population will accept willingly in order to avoid total annihilation

If I'm getting the "vibes" correctly, all this should reach its climax somewhere in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Dang, John Titor was right for all this time. Dude has created a "tale" of time travel which I don't believe and made up dates for events but the core of his story about the future rings too true to my hears. Russia is partnering with Iran and is giving them access to materials, I'm pretty sure World War III could start with Russia nuking the hell out of Washington DC.

j said...

Tex, you're doing that thing where you're a downer again.

Anonymous said...

>I'm pretty sure World War III could start with Russia nuking the hell out of Washington DC.

Don't worry about Russia. Putin is a friend to Whites and is doing things, to thwart the New World Order plans.

Remember the oligarchs that were destroying Russia and how Putin took a steel broom to them? When they lost Russia, they lost their New World Order.

Iran's Green Revolution was instigated by the NWO people: Look up Putin's involvement in shutting it down.

The NWO planned attack on Iran's nuclear facilities leading to a possible WW3: Putin shipped in nuclear fuel, to halt that operation.

Putin does this kind of thing all the time and no one notices except his targets, because he does things on the quiet.

Putin's motto is:
Better to be hung for loyalty than for treason.

From that motto alone, it sounds like he is one of the good guys. So there is still some hope guys.

Anonymous said...

Annon 7:22 Washington DC getting nuked ? Praise God for his mercy,the Russians could have targeted a city where white people live.