Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kwa = Absolutely 100% Doomed

As the entire U.S. economy melts down in what can only be described as complete disintegration, you will have some useful idiots declaring to the bitter end that all this will get better someday.

They are basing their optimism on the series of miracles achieved by a race of men with an average IQ of 104-112 from the years 1776 up to the present day. They seemed to be indomitable. They always seemed to bounce back. It was like magic at times. No matter what happened to the nation, as long as these people were having babies, their children appeared to be capable of sorting it out in the end.

That won't happen this time. The magic goes away. The long curtain of darkness that is descending will not lift again on another act. It will not lift again, forever.

It is realistic to expect conditions no better than those that prevail in Mexico from now on for the United States. Forever. Where the 'Kwa is going, there ain't no coming back from.


Anonymous said...

It brings tears to my eyes how severely indoctrinated to the NWO agenda women have become. The evil of making them addicted to handbags, shoes and orgasms is otherworldly - so much so it wakes you up.

Anonymous said...

This is the future of Amerikwa if there isn't a nuclear war.

30,000 Fight For Housing Vouchers in the Sweltering Heat

This is what a formerly White Egypt must have looked like, just before it collapsed.

Anonymous said...

A spring is being wound.

The potential for conflict is high. The underclass - the diversity panacea made incarnate - exacts a price. It is responsible for almost all crime, which carries with it the cost of the prisons, police forces, decay of the cities, welfare both open and hidden, and a decline in the tenor of life.

The need to make the the underclass seem not to be degrades the schools. The beneficiaries of affirmative action, though they are seldom underclass, are frequently the same racial groups. This fuels a quiet anger, a racial anger, among the middle class, who among themselves no longer even pretend that things are not as they obviously are. It isn’t reasonable that it should be racial, but it is.

The elite can buy their way into safe neighborhoods and better schools. The economic middle class cannot. They resent paying for welfare, resent taking up the slack for workers who don’t, and have no ideological attachment to diversity. As the baby boomers retire the cost of their maintenance to the working middle class will become so burdensome as to engender revolt. The political class ignores this dynamic at their peril

Diversity as a spoils system just may be heading toward its end. Its' handlers - the Democrat Party, telemedia, deconstructionist academes, amoral lawyers, and an imperial federal judiciary - guide a rabble of misfit fringe groups whose pathology is glaringly apparent.

Humans will not suffer these parasites forever, especially in perilous times such as the Present. A nation populated with Idiots cannot endure.

If the dam finally breaks, what then?


Anonymous said...

Kinda like Sweden and the rest of Europe.

Western Civilization=Cultural suicide Cult

Check out this video

Anonymous said...

It looks like French women don't need birth control pills anymore...they just kill their own babies. You can bet that none of them are muzzies! Bye-bye Europe.,8599,2007359,00.html

Anonymous said...

>The elite can buy their way into safe neighborhoods and better schools.

Exactly. The elites are the ones who are bringing them into our lands, so they can make quick profits.

Multiculturalism is Genocide by Assimilation and the people that are forcing it on us, must face justice.

If you don't believe me, check the Wiki entry on Genocide and the remarks by Lemkin in particular.