Friday, August 27, 2010

Got a 250 liter concrete mixer tonight!!

I've been in a slump since February, when my concrete mixer broke down after hundreds of hours of service and years of heavy duty right in the middle of a pour. This left me with my Sparkgap Quonset 70% complete, my forms standing and my rebar mesh rusting away. My recessed fuel depo was halted at waist high and now weeds are growing in the middle where the floor was supposed to go. This very same month, my laptop development machine crashed leaving me with source code stuck on the hard drive. I got a sore foot from plantar fascia, put on weight and was barely sleeping there for a while. I was getting so depressed I felt like I was looking at life from the bottom of a deep well.

I've lost 12 kgs, my foot is feeling better, I've been getting decent sleep. My blood pressure came down to normal and my resting pulse is an amazing 36 bpm. A dreaded physical checkup and complete blood work, which I expected would reveal me to be a toxic soup of heavy metals and poisons, exposed me as a hypochondriac of legendary proportions. My triglycerides and cholesterol levels were similar to those of a newborn infant. My general health was described by the doctor as an "anomaly" in a 48 year old she would not have believed if she had not examined me herself. Been exercising 5 days a week. Today I got my laptop back with source code intact and I got a new concrete mixer, 250 liters capacity with a far sturdier frame.

Here's the math. If a lunatic with a 62 liter mixer can pour several hundred cubic feet in four years and damn near build the equivalent of an underground metro for the generator/power facilities, what can this same lunatic accomplish with a 250 liter capacity mixer? I would guess a lot. I would guess that what once took me 8 hours of work on a Saturday I will now accomplish before noon and what used to take me a month to achieve I will now do in a day.
I'm going to finish Sparkgap, finish my fuel depo, finish Vault-OS and finish the three computer games I have been working on ... and I'm going to do all these things before the end of the year.
Somewhere in the churning coffee-grinder sound of a concrete mixer turning, there seems to me to be some whisper of hope. I can only say that there is a satisfaction in the walking that seems to be more important than the journey. Even the detours appear to have a worth in their own right towards illuminating the whole.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear everything is going well for you and that you are feeling motivated and upbeat. That new mixer will probably be the key to your own Black Mesa sprawling network. Best of luck, I hope there are many more pleasant upturns in your fortunes to come.

Anonymous said...

When you're open to God's will; this is what happens.

Hot August Night said...

Feb was a low point for me too. I'm glad to hear things have picked up for you and you've found your second wind - this could turn out to have been your most productive year, so good luck with all your ventures. Keep on (monster) truckin'.