Friday, August 27, 2010

Extinction Cycle : Manual Mode

The truth is, Nature doesn't need any help exterminating mankind like lice crawling on her scalp. That doesn't stop people from trying to pitch in.

The hoo-mans are struggling to beat the rush to the bottom of the boneyard and they're putting forward a fabulous effort but I reckon Nature will deliver the coup de grace.

China unloading ZOGBUX I.O.U.s - forever. They won't be any good after World War III anyhow.

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Solsys said...

Grammar Nazi says : it is "coup de grâce" (or grace if you don't find the ^ character).

"Gras" is fat. Or it is also a french rifle from the 1870's, in which case it makes some sense, but not the one intended.

And while I'm a it, in french "viola" means "raped" (as in "Bill raped Monica"). What you want to write is "voilà" (or voila).