Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dow Jones 5000 Soon

The Chinese are onto these clowns. They've figured out what has really been going on.

A nightmarish, Weimar Republic style deflation is right around the corner for the Kwa. The greenbacks will come in million dollar denominations and they'll be packed still warm in the plastic wrapper atop a wheelbarrel that you'll use to exchange for a loaf of bread.

When that crazy ride begins, you can bet that the State is going to search high and low for somebody to start a war with to take people's minds off their treachery at home. China and Russia are going to come out of the closet and all the globalist gibberish will fade into background noise as all three of these world powers start to build up their forces for World War III. (Ever wonder why we tell you that the coming war is going to be uglier than any sheeple can even imagine? Maybe we know something. Warfare has come a long way in 70 years.)

The real deficit is surreal and outside the ken of human comprehension

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Anonymous said...

Tex, do you think the Chinese could be the next torch bearers?

This could be a sign of how the world is changing. They've shown many signs of being wise to the coming storm of the West.