Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Deadly Cold And Darkness Approaching

When the sun goes quiet, 30% more cosmic radiation gets through to hit the earth's mantle, creating cloud cover that in turns further blocks solar heat and radiation. This is a self-accelerating, self-initiating process which is not a violation of thermodynamics as global warming theory has always been.

If you look at the Milankovitch cycle, we're on the edge of a temperature precipice. We are about to go through a rapid decline in average temperatures that will be an apocalyptic rollercoaster ride to the bottom. This isn't a little 'i' Ice Age. It's a real Ice Age, capital 'I' for indescribable.

We are only at the beginning but we are starting to go over the crest.


Anonymous said...

Solar cycle 23 was quiet hence the cooling (a little) in the last decade, this cycle 24 has basicly stalled.
The way I see it we are one cycle into a three cycle cooling for sure! and with the other cycles turning negative solar cycles 26-28 wont be strong enough to arrest the cooling trend with cycles 29-31 continuing the decline into deep Iceage conditions.
How many will survive the next two decades of cooling my guess 10% of the third world and 30% of the first world.

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Anonymous said...

I've read Felix's book "Magnetic Reversals.." and was stunned at how much sense it made. Changed my whole view on Evolution.

After hearing you mention "Not by Fire but by Ice" many times I got off my procrastinating butt and ordered it.

I've read various studies about it over the years since the 70's. Back then it was pretty much a given that we were heading into another ice age. The G-W BS started in what? The late 80's? 90's? I forget. And it don't matter. G-W is a dead, failed fantasy.