Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Confirmation : Ice Age Redux Killed Bolivia's Rivers

Worldwide, millions of crying leftist babies with mascara running squealing this must somehow be the fault of human beings. Alas, no. Leftist paradigms for reality = fail.

In one night, Mother Nature was able to destroy what man could not in two hundred years of industry.

This constitutes an apocalyptic keeper, this story. Remember this event as a crucial moment when even the dumbest people in the world began to realize something very strange was happening to the planet.

You ain't seen nothing yet. Vault-Co was here before all of 'em. Believe it when we say this is only the beginning. This is anecdotal. Wait until you wake up and hear on the televitz that a million people in the cities have frozen to death overnight and then we'll be in the sweet spot for the new Ice Age.

What makes me so sure of myself? How do I know these things with such certainty? I have control over the magic power of reading, a lost art amongst the Kwanzanian people. I can read, learn, remember, make associations - it's akin to powerful sorcery in the modern world. It's like the ability to recommend that we put toilet water on plants to help them grow. Ordinary people are baffled by this incredible power. I first looked at this chart back in 1998. I then read THE COMING SUPERSTORM by kooks Art Bell and Whitley Strieber. I saw the implications of what they were saying in that book. I knew what was coming was absolutely inevitable. In 1999 I resolved to build a shelter.


Anonymous said...

You nailed it.

We all know about the drought and fires in Russia? You know, the fires destroying their most fertile croplands?

It's caused by a weather system that has stalled over Russia. And that is caused by the jet stream splitting into two paths, one going over Russia to the North and one going over Pakistan in the South.

Now picture this winter with that shit happening with -50F temps. Stalled over an area this size for months. They'll have to burn the bodies because the ground will be too frozen to bury them.

Here's a link to one scientist's explanation of the splitting of the jet stream. Scroll down to the part highlighted in blue;

Here's a visual of this split;

Anonymous said...

"Ha", I was going to send you info on that.

The fires looking a bit crazy in Russia as well. Alaska has fires from last summer still going, they didn't go out during their last winter???
Weather wars, or electromagnetism from the sun, any guesses?

Food costs are soaring folks...