Thursday, August 5, 2010

BP Blackout : What Is Happening Down There?!?

The Gulf was created by a previous methane hydrate explosion which was an extinction event. Are we certain the last blowout cleared that gas or has it been building up for millions of years since? Is it now bigger than the first time it exploded with the force of a 400 megaton thermonuclear weapon?

BP has been caught running fake feeds to hide the real action at the sea floor. Why on earth would they do that?!? What is happening down there must be worse than anything they have admitted to.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry - all the oil that pumped out for months just disappeared in a couple of days into mist. ALAKAZAM! Like magic.

Who would have imagined oil could just magic away? All those chemicals they pumped in? Magically gone too!

The secondary leaks, gas, explosions, etc? Magic!

Don't look too closely now, children. Look at the pretty flowers over there instead while I palm a few cards.

Solsys said...

Or - nothing is happening there.

I don't see a lot of an oil spill in the news. I hear about them allright, but what I get to see are some brown spots in otherwise pristine beaches. Nothing like what one single supertanker usually does : a massive, sticky (as is : glue) tide that colour everything black.

Nothing of the kind can be seen. As for that dispersant chemical aspect, it's a bit too... well done. Surely they couldn't have covered everything, some spots would have escaped them and have polluted beaches.

All this story doesn't add up. There is simply nothing to see !

What does worry me is the mention, in the early stages of the "crisis", of nuclear weapons. They *could* detonate a fusion bomb and blame it on methane (though I don't see why they would).

Anyway, look at the news with both versions in mind, and in the long run one does make more sense than the other.

Anonymous said...

Another prediction coming true and hitting the mainstream press:

Once again something you've warned of is playing out.

Anonymous said...

not really a desirable thing to have on ones doorstep, a volcanic type clusterfuck notwithstanding, this would be an extremely vulnerable place for a nuclear detonation. luckily the u.s is not in the business of murdering foreigners for resource control, and is all about creating friendships and goodwill.

Anonymous said...

There are many lies being spread about the oil volcano. Did anyone notice the propaganda campaign that started on various news services and .gov-friendly blogs that sports the headline-"Where's the oil", which insinuates that the oil is all gone. This BS claims that all the oil spewed out has been broken up by dispersant's and consumed by oil eating bacteria.

What makes this so stupid is the fact that this well was shooting out an Exxon Valdez amount of oil every 7-10 days. So we are to believe this nonsense?

What TPTB are soiling their shorts over is they in effect unlocked Pandora's Box and they don't know whether to sh*t or go blind.
The only people telling the truth are the locals, some of whom are suffering from petro-chemically related respiratory problems and the loss of their jobs.

If this methane reservoir blows up I reckon someone might notice. Say it doesn't explode, folks might also notice if everyone around them starts dropping dead from methane gassing.

Anonymous said...

Geez Tex, didn't you hear? It's all fixed! They said so on the tv. The biggest problem now is gettin' people to eat gulf seafood again.