Monday, August 2, 2010

2010 : The Widening Gyre

Treason from within is the worst kind.

Congressman Brags : ‘The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything in This Country’

Time for the ballot box or the bullet box?

Government has no sympathy for it's own citizens who are rapidly at the mercy of foreign hostiles

People form nations to organize the protection of women, children and property from external threats. When the government stops serving this purpose, it stops serving it's purpose, period.

Waiting lines for exit strategies

Anarchy coming to America soon

It's going to be the mother of all bongo parties.


Anonymous said...

Nice little hiccup


Anonymous said...

The last link concerning East St. Louis shouldn't worry anyone. That city is a fully invested multi-ethnic paradise. You know, the kind of society far-sighted leaders like Ted Kennedy had in mind way back in the bad ol' days when The Kwa was much too white.

Heck, why do they even need a police force at all? Certainly it's crime free, with laughing children playing in the well manicured parks and happy citizen meander down spotless street every Sunday on their way to Church.

Meanwhile where I live, a black man walked into his place of work and gunned down eight white guys and then killed himself. This happened this morning Aug. 3rd. Before the afternoon was over the press had already talked to his relatives and friends and determined that he was a fine man, a good son and was merely upset over being sacked over 'disciplinary issues'. The shooter's picture still hasn't been put in the news.

Poor man. The families of the dead whites should apologize to his family for making him do that. Obviously a victim of racial discrimination.,0,5894638.story