Monday, July 12, 2010

World Empire Of Sodomites

Whether you realize it or not, these people are laughing at you all the time. They are laughing at how stupid the sheeple are and how easily they can be made to think anything, no matter how ridiculous. They are laughing at you. The poor sheeple think they know what these people are up to but they have no idea. They simply lack the imagination to comprehend what is happening to them. They will never be able to understand real beast cunning.

They pretend to be like you for the same reason wolves creep up on herds on their paws in a crouch. They want to get close enough to make the kill without spooking the sheep into running.


Anonymous said...

A woman
A lesbian
A communist

It's like someone looked through your checklist for what you don't want in a leader or what would make you go into lockdown and went with that.

Every day you have to be feeling all the more happy you packed your rice.

Anonymous said...

Just for the pure entertainment value, I was kind of hoping that Congress would get some cross-dressing transvestites in there. That would be fun. And maybe someone who is legally married to his horse, you know, like Caligula was. For starters, how about Bwarney Fwank lip-locking his boyfriend on the Capital steps? I'm in it for the entertainment's already gone to sh*t so why not get some chuckles in before it all collapses and we start slaughtering each other. If there actually were going to be future historians (which I doubt), it would give them something interesting to write about. Z