Friday, July 9, 2010

We Are Not Governed

We are ruled. By psychopaths and sociopaths. We do not choose these leaders. They are not the men and women we would have represent us. We have nothing in common with them and they have nothing in common with us. Their ways are not our ways. They are not like us, no more than if they really were David Icke's space aliens. They are just as different from us, as remote as if they were other than human.

The psychopath snickers at what he thinks would amuse us, as well. They are monsters, they are born that way and they can never do anything but seduce us to give away our human dignity and sacrifice everything we have worth fighting for.

It's never fun to shoot people. It's also never fun to eat them or see them drawn and quartered by horses. These people appeal to the damaged aspect inside every man that represents the madness we tried to escape with Republics. They are anti-humans and they are our rulers.

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Anonymous said...

Great words of truth again, Tex. These monsters are as far removed from good people as bacteria from mammals.

These are the kind of people that biblical floods and plagues appeared for. They've gone so down the wrong path and compounded it with the greater wickedness of leading others into the same or serfdom that they have damned themselves and everyone with them.

You cannot reason with, trust or treat the broken-minded or cold-blooded psychopath like you would a whole and complete person. A system ruled by broken and twisted people will always be broken and twisted itself. Even if they infiltrate the noblest of Republics they will bring it down to their level. Doomed.