Monday, July 12, 2010

Vault-Co Told You This A Long, Long Time Ago

All the egyptians were european caucasians. Didn't you know that?

Your "history," used to be my "history," too. Until I found out it was all bunkum and the real story was the exact opposite.

They got one thing right, though. The last pharoahs were blacks. They were also the last pharoahs. Not long after they came to power, Egypt collapsed into absolute ruin.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Here's the interesting part.

How long have these cycles been going on for? What do you have the nerve to speculate?

Hundreds of years? Thousands of years? Millions of years? Trillions of years?

The media is so corrupt they managed to change a scientific discovery today into it's complete opposite by the time it went to press. The Earth is much, much older than previously assumed by edjumfacated types. Much older. Our current geological configuration took 100 million years to form, not thirty million. That pushes most theories of tectonic chronology into the rubbish bin. Note how nobody ever suggests that maybe the tectonic cooling they are talking about was only one in a long series of such events which has happened over and over again. Same planet - different stage.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I am wrong, but aren't North Africans, Arabs, Meditteraneans, and Persians classified as "Caucasoid" anyway?

Meaning that the people inhabiting modern day Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia,.etc are more or less close to Europeans?

It doesn't really say much that in a region populated with people close to Europeans, there were people close to Europeans several thousand years ago.

Anonymous said...

They're probably trying to think of a "global warming angle" to support that. They will get around to it eventually, so lies are always best to support that.

Anonymous said...

'March of the Titans' is the only history closest to the truth. The Chinese archaeologists are finding burial sites with Celtic people in them that are several thousands of years old. The people buried in these grave sites are remarkably well preserved and are classic Western European; bone structure, blond and red hair, European style of clothing. Although the Chinese announced these discoveries at first, many years ago, they are closed lipped about them now because they find so many of them and realize the cultural implications. Everything you think you know that is taught in school is absolute bulls**t.