Thursday, July 15, 2010

U.S. Congressmen Hand-Deliver Seeds To Doomsday Vault In Norway

Paying attention yet? Can't strip your eyes away from Lindsay Lohan to concentrate on other news?

Think hard about this Vault. Think about the expense, resources, manpower and organization that has been dropped on it through a collective effort of all the nations on earth in an apparent frenzy to complete this Vault as soon as possible.

Think hard about the implications.

It could not have been kept a secret because it was an international effort, conducted in a place that would have been open to survey and observation.

It was necessary to build it in plain site with some vague, ambiguous cover story about "global warmthinkery" etc. etc. yada yada yada.

What was the real reason it was so important to construct this thing, expense be damned, before the coming final solar maximum exactly 11,500 years after the last radioactive black mat was laid down worldwide mixed with nanodiamonds that apparently fell from thin air at the time? A black mat that coincided with the great extinction of mammals worldwide on every continent? A black mat that coincided with the extinction of entire races of humans including the Clovis people? A black mat that apparently coincided with the formation of the Carolina Bays and the Florida Everglades? A black mat in which all the animals found dead beneath it have tiny pure balls of carbon that were apparently fired so deeply into their bone marrow they would have been traveling at hypersonic speeds?

Think about that.


Anonymous said...

TPTB sure don't bother hiding too much, do they? That's a side benefit to dumbing down most of the population, keeping most folks scrabbling for survival and the total control of all the media, except for the Internet.
The maybe 3% of the Internet users who actually understand what's going on are drowned out by the 97% who are surfing for porn or which sport team is on top or a recipe to make tofu dumplings.
They will die. That's evolution in action.

Anonymous said...
Oh, Hang on.....(shakes head to clear images of Mary Carey.....)
So how deep do we have to get to avoid Hypersonic carbon balls?
Something is coming............I have felt the faint unease fighting to get through the Aussie "She'll-be-right" attitude.
Something Wicked This Way Comes......and I won't be ready enough, damn it. Better then many, but I dare say still not enough.

Anonymous said...

How much tin foil will I need to protect myself from hypersonic carbon balls-o-doom?
I buy recycled tin foil, does that make the aluminum less resistant to these balls-o-doom?
If I start digging a hole in the earth, how much soil will I need between me and said balls-o-doom?
Does salt, iron, granite, and/or clay have any impact against the before mentioned balls?

Is it C14?
C14 is seemingly spooky.

We are here now, so how did previous mammals survive?
How long did they survive after the last onslaught?

Vault-Tec will save us, anyone got a G.E.C.K?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I just found this..

Also for fun, I carry potassium iodide and a razor in my wallet. There is no "RAD AWAY" in the real world.

Anonymous said...

G'Day Tex,

I'll third that question, how deep is deep enough? and do you recommend an additional layer/s of protection over the vault? ie/. 100mm of concrete.

Anonymous said...

Nearly 5,000 new emergency bomb shelters will be built in Moscow by 2012 to save people in case of potential attacks.