Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sheeple Can Own Nothing

They are merely holding it for the rightful owners. That includes the water that falls from the air ... and the air ... and the clouds ... and the view of the clouds ... and the stars. Sheeple can own nothing. They are sheep, they cannot possess anything. That includes anything the sheep builds or invents or creates, even if out of thin air. The sheep cannot possess anything, for they do not own their lives, much less anything else. If the sheeple makes a profit from something previously not considered worth anything, that too is not his property, rather he is merely holding it until it is taken away from him.

There is only one word for this sentiment and only one father of all greed and avarice as monstrous as this. Lucifer. Anyone who could even say such a thing is a child of the devil and was born such. This way lies madness beyond the bounds of all reason. It represents a reversion to even pre-barbarism, it is inferior to barbarism in that it is nothing but might makes right without any law at all.


Anonymous said...

George Carlin said it best in his act talking about the Big Club. The owners/slave masters of the kwa own everything and everyone it it. They are members of the big club and you ain't in it, and never will be.
There is not one spot anywhere in the kwa where you can lay your head down to rest that isn't owned.
And for those of you who might say "I own my house!", I you don't. Stop paying property taxes on it and see what happens.
Slaves cannot own property because they are property.

Anonymous said...

Βuh bye, sheeple.

Anonymous said...

The Teacher of Ecclesiastes said much the same thing - everything is vanity.

Virtue is the only thing worth possessing, and it can never, ever be taken against your will.

They want all the rain water? Let them have it. They'll never get my soul.