Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Recovery Proceeds Apace

Yes, it's a recovery. I can't even be bothered to explain to people any more why you need jobs, a civilization, a citizenry and an actual nation to have a recovery. America has none of those things.

Kwanzanians, in case you have not figured it out yet, you got swindled big town style, forever.

Poor Kwannies are standing around in their underwear in the middle of smoking ruins wondering if the globalist paradise is here yet or not. Is it coming soon? You know, like the people on the televitz promised.

Where the 'Kwa is going, it won't be coming back from.


Anonymous said...

Tex, want to know how a government engineers a bond crisis by enabling short-shelling, with the ultimate purpose to bankrupt a country and push the Globalist agenta and IMF slavery, while at the same time the PM of that country cries rivers against "short-shelling" and "evil speculators?" Have a look:,dwp_uuid=5158848c-b6a7-11db-8bc2-0000779e2340.html

Everything about the modern world is so unnatural ans blasphemous against Creation, that I'm trying to think of reasons why or ways how this thing should go on, and I can find none.

Anonymous said...

It's really difficult to explain to sheeple where the kwa is at and where it's going. Impossible really, I've given up trying. After they read about Lindsey Lohan's court case and worrying about Pink's accident on stage, it is hard for them to grasp that anything could be more relevant to their lives than celebrity worship.
They are waiting for things to go back to normal. Their leaders tell them it's almost here. If by 'normal' they mean conditions that historically always happened when a nation dissolves into race war and famine, then they are correct.
There will be a 'new normal' evolving every day till it reaches it's dismal climax.
And then, to quote you TEX, It'll be "Babies-the other white meat". Z

Anonymous said...

" And then, to quote you TEX, It'll be "Babies-the other white meat" "

The 'New Black Panthers' will no doubt be first in line with their statements referencing the murder of white infants.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever think you'd actually get to live in that 1984 world? Here we are where the truth is simply what they pronounce, not what any facts would tell them. The chocolate ration has increased from 50g to 35g. Be thankful, good citizens!

They are buying time with lies. This train is headed right off a cliff because the bridge to recovery is out. The longer the governments of the world lied about this, the worse it was going to be to fix or when TSHTF.

Anonymous said...

Unemployment has hit record highs. They have manipulated the figures to lie to everyone. If you measured it by older and more honest standards the results would be multiple times what they are saying now. We're only one step from soup kitchens, riots and all the rest. People have stopped listening to news because they know deep down it is all lies and no longer reflects what they see and know at heart. The disconnect from reality is too much.

One last good gust of wind and the house of cards comes down fast. Any guesses what it will be? It'll come down itself with time anyway, but someone's bound to screw up before then to speed things up. Maybe the crop reports will leak out and people will realise that in times of famine people were feasting on the seed crop.

Anonymous said...

the children of the devil have the numbers, but they are eating their seed corn now. have faith, be patient. soon.