Saturday, July 17, 2010

Real Unemployment Rate Is 25%+ In The 'Kwa

Even anecdotal survey would reveal this to anybody not determined to lie about it.

Going to get dicey over there soon.

Hey - I figure the two types of people above are the only residents of Western civilization and apparently natural soul mates, since they are the only ones who appear in photographs of the workplace and always side-by-side. Partners in crime. Like salt and pepper. A snow ho won't get far without her soul brother flying wingman with her. Based on my conclusions, I am writing up an exciting expose of how every white male on U.S. soil vanished into thin air back in 1965 and has never been seen since. I judge from photographs they just evaporated like an unpleasant odor. Besides, there is no place more apt for a brother than behind a keyboard, surfing various computations and whatnot and what have you. A brother what is edjumifacated can deal with these various things and what have you, a lot better than porky pink-neck tiny penis. Rising up and whatnot.


Anonymous said...

Do we need any more proof that not only is there no recovery but that it is a true DEPRESSION?

Lies and fake figures don't make real jobs. Whoda thunk it?

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the foreigners that watch kwan TV shows and know little else about this place? They must believe that the Kwa has a special breed of negroes that are all highly intelligent scientists, mathematicians, surgeons, astronauts, Generals and police detectives.
Those foreigners must be slightly confused as to where these super-negroes came from, because all the ones they have come into contact with in Europe and elsewhere were ignorant, murderous, immoral pieces of sh*t.