Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ready To Take Another Red Pill?

You know that any given week is incomplete unless we toss something at you that may challenge every assumption you have been trained blindly to receive since the day you were born.

Here's an interesting one, which has many implications for everything else you may believe about the weather.


Where is the real evidence that hurricanes are caused by temperature disparities?

Sure, they tend to form where there are temperature disparities.

The problem is ... they often form where there are few temperature disparities.

Are temperature disparities themselves something often found in tandem with hurricanes but are not the influence that causes the hurricane to form?

I know the answer. It is good to think about. A lot of implications involved.


Anonymous said...

I'll take a stab at it; could it be magnetic flux due to the gravitational permutations of the Sun? I know that it's playing hell with the temps of the planets and could be a factor. Or could gravitational impulses from the sun effect the electrical nature of the atmosphere? Z

Texas Arcane said...

The evidence points to hurricanes forming along magnetic lines of force during changes in the heliosphere - which can also induce temperature changes at the same time.

Incredible, isn't it?

Pity most people are too busy defending their convictions to ever question them.

Anonymous said...

It's things like these that keep me coming back. People need these "Red Pills", something to spark their thoughts once more, instead of simply accepting everything blindly.

Anonymous said...

Electro-magnetic waves/radiation/vibrations, do seem to effect the core.
As the sun goes through changes so shall we.
"As above, so below", is the motto.
Just take a peek at this post about Saturn, so massive of a storm, the mind tingles.

Everything is shifting around, hold on to your gravity, and bury your rice. ; )