Saturday, July 24, 2010

Planet Shaking Crazily As If Having A Seizure

In the past 48 hours the Pacific Rim and the major faultlines of the planet have been going crazy, with one 7+ Richter event after another. Katla is chattering like somebody with cold teeth. This began as a global event with such suddenness it is obvious that all the fault plates of the Earth are a connected system ... and something has woken them up.

We have had quakes all over Australia and the media has stuck to reporting them as though they were isolated events, each local principality unaware that other parts of Australia normally placid for decades have also had sudden quakes.

Watch for more tsunamis,major earthquakes and possible supervolcano eruptions very soon.

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Andrew said...

I don't doubt for a second that you won't mention this Mark.
Afghan War Diary

I'm not buying into the expected reaction.

"Secret" documents leaked and displayed on MSM news sites.

Founder isn't dead/incarcerated as opposed to bill cooper, serge monast, john todd, fritz springmeier, etc

US is turned into public enemy #1 overnight - the match to a large power keg.

I guess they got bored of waiting for the oil + hurricane season to hit.