Saturday, July 17, 2010

Performance Bonuses For Frying Kwanzanian Ass Monkeys In The Shower

Any soldier stupid enough to serve in the Kwanzanian Army deserves whatever happens to them. You soap up with the devil, don't go crying because you got poached and boiled when you rinsed.

Nobody worth a damn would serve in the U.S. Army nowadays and thus they should accept they may be killed as a contingency for the most absurd of reasons. Zip'em up and bury'em in one of those cheap plastic coffins.


Anonymous said...

as long as the economy of the US keeps deteriorating there'll be no end of recruits for the armed forces.

Anonymous said...

And the 'kwan military will have no end of gang-bangers that want to serve in combat for the training and experience.(see link below)

This is going to be a lovely show when the SHTF. Here you have the majority of 'kwanzians-fat, stupid and unprepared-just the thing for bangers to have fun with. For daaays. Lotsa fun.

Then you have the bad-a**ed survivalists, with their legally purchased chipmunk rifles going up against combat experienced bangers with the best illegally purchased military weapons that drug money can buy.

AR-15's and shotguns Versus FN-MAGs, RPG'S, HE, frag, and chemical Grenades and launchers, AK's, and almost certainly, mortars. The fight will be the most exciting and the last 5 minutes of the survivalists lives. Here is the news..when it happens stay in the vault or at least hide somewhere.

Here is the link to what I'm talking about...,CST-NWS-graffiti18.article

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