Friday, July 23, 2010

Nuclear War May Be The Only Way To End The Depression and Restore Jobs.

Unfortunately, no people may be alive to apply for the jobs that are created by global thermonuclear war, leading to an even worse depression which will also not have any people to apply for unemployment. There's also a downside.

Either way, Peter Schiff wins.

Ginning up some conflict. The old military exercise is usually good for a few flashpoints somewhere in there.


Anonymous said...

The idiots in charge couldn't figure out how to handle their new toy-nuclear weapons. At first they figured that they would just incorporate them into conventional warfare tactics.

When they realized that wouldn't work they went all out on building more and better.

It's only a matter of time before the toys come out of their boxes. Children must play.

Anonymous said...

Schiff gets close, but like most people including Bernake, he doesnt understand that just creating jobs and producing money doesn't create NEED for the product.

War destroys production capacity as well as stuff (like infrastructure). This is what creates need for new stuff and the lack of excess capacity to produce it.

No method other than war in our current economic model produces this twofold process, the need for productive capacity along with the scarcity of productive capacity due to the destruction of the war.


Anonymous said...

But think of all the people we could employ to make the missiles and bombs! After we drop them we can employ people to clean up the mess!

This time next year we'll all be billionaires.