Friday, July 9, 2010

Nations Make War To Avert Economic Reckonings

The 'Kwa is deliberately provoking World War III by parking Tomahawks inside range of Shanghai.

Things are very ugly behind the scenes. Very ugly, very raw and very tense. The media generally carry stories about Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton but the real news is smothered in the back pages.

Note that the shift to the Pacific theatre was predicted over ten years ago on Vault-Co. The truth is, that's where all the action is. It's also where you want your subs circulating when thermonuclear war begins. Get used to it, it's the new normal. It's like the Cold War except now the Chinese will be included in the games of cat'n'mouse. You keep your forces massed around their perimeters, making occasional forays past the territorial boundaries and seeing how they respond. Anybody expecting a nuclear war who doesn't adopt this strategy is an idiot because you want to maintain your capacity to strike first at a moment's notice. You can't do that if your subs are mostly parked in docks in San Francisco gathering rust. It's also the reason that the role that Australia plays in this region will escalate as the dying Kwanzanians make more and more demands on our government to serve their needs as a floating refueling carrier in the Pacific.

Taiwan will be the flashpoint, as we have said for over a decade



Good point on Lindsay Lohan. These scarlet women are always trotted out for public scorn, when the need for distraction arises.

When the U.S.-Israeli Zionist war machine is unleashed on Iran, the global economic system will grind to a halt. China knows it will be left holding the bag with Zimbabwe dollars and bonds.

Our military may have some serious issues keeping the Army, Marines, Navy and Airforce supplied with fuel.

But our military may be simply switched off by the Chinese. This is a topic our government doesn't like discussed, because I have noticed a scrubbing of it off the Web. Specifically, most of our military electronics use components made in Communist China, and many of these have back doors built into the silicon and it's microcode. In the event of war, the command goes out - and our missiles won't launch, our tanks won't start, and our carriers power down. Hate to be flying, or in a sub! We are screwed. Know how to say "comrade" in Mandarin?


I posted a comment that mentioned faulty computer chips (endangering the U.S. military). Here is a link to an article referencing this same topic.

faulty chips

Check out the site
That is where I originally found the faulty chips article (though that particular link isn't working). Much fascinating stuff here.

Anonymous said...

If you plan to keep living in the world instead of ducking out of it during the coming storm then I suggest getting some CDs to learn Chinese.

Slaves that can talk will be prized more and treated better by the commie overlords.