Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Must-Read On Antibiotics and Expiration Dates

Invaluable. Heed closely, it could really come in handy one of these days.


Anonymous said...

Just read this a few minutes ago, very interesting. If anyone finds an Australian supplier please post the details.

Anonymous said...

Mr T

For any interested, I'd point them to Cal Vet Supply, which has all classes available for online purchase. Throw in some Bag Balm for cutaneous injury, and some VetBond cyanocrylate glue for laceration repair and you'd be weel served for many situations


Include metronidazole ( Flagyl ) for management of any penetrating injury to bone or gut

Good pricing, fast delivery, solid org. Refrigerate - don't "freezer"


Anonymous said...

I read an article on how fish antibiotics are about the exact same as regular human antibiotics. 8-15 years past expiration date still good, and totally easy to buy online, (no licence).
Something to look into, cheap.

Anonymous said...

The acting substances are the same, but the shit you have to swallow along with them isn't as tightly controlled as in pills sold for human consumption. The fish pill producers, so I've read, don't have to mention all the crap they put in them, so dangerous, possibly lethal, and unforeseen allergic reactions might become an issue.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. This is the kind of info people need to know in emergencies. These medications might not be ideal, but taking your chance with less than ideal antibiotics is better than dying to a pus-filled wound.

Are there any medical texts you'd recommend to stock, Tex?