Saturday, July 31, 2010

Modern Physics Is Garbage - Read This

A steady state universe like the one suggested by Fred Hoyle, where mass and light interchange freely as it expands to keep everything in balance. How utterly wonderful. This model makes mathematical sense and actually applies far better to the actual physical data we can observe and see all around us.

The universe goes on forever, has existed forever and will always exist forever, as will you. It's just a matter of what state you will be in at any given time. Vault dwellers prefer the highly organized state as opposed to the unorganized state.

The Asians seem to be taking the reins of the future away from the white man. I have a good feeling about it in spite of my race being eclipsed in the process. If it had to be someone, I'm glad it's them. Maybe they'll make it a better place. Their wholescale conversion to Christianity is symptomatic of the spirit of God leaving the Europeans and flowing now into the asian people.


Anonymous said...

Facinating. Thank you for this, Tex.

Anonymous said...

The Universe cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed, energy itself cannot be created or destroyed. Evolution and Creationism are both wrong.

Texas Arcane said...

I have always thought that the beginning of Genesis was describing a phenomenon local to the Earth itself and it's unique creation. I think God has many rooms in his mansions and this is but one of them.

Anonymous said...

Some of the Koreans I know are the most devout Christians I have seen.

Christianity is pretty big in South Korea, and they have no trouble accepting some of the most harsh and uncompromising facts of faith.

Anonymous said...

Asians are highly intelligent, but on the whole lack creativity.

Any tech they have now, is because Whites gave it to them, or because they copied it.

Remove our creativity and they will stagnate for thousands of years, like they did before we encountered them for the second time.

Sorry Tex, the Asians no matter what their religious beliefs, aren't going to fill our shoes.

If the White man goes down, so will this world.

Anonymous said...

Mr T

check this out ...

the "wave" function fully realized

I didn't know that the "self-appointed" interpreters of Maxwells' Equations left out huge foundational aspects

Tesla and a Pole - Teodr Kaluza - discovered them; Einstein plagiarized. In fact, Kaluza tutored Einstein for a summer before he "came out" with GR.

Tom Bearden has been deep in this for decades, and essentially opened the lid on EM-Scalar weapons.