Saturday, July 31, 2010

Military Creating Shortage of Radiation Drugs?!?


Something. Before this year ends.


Anonymous said...

We all are aware of the huge opium production from Afghanistan, correct?

I know that a sizable portion of that goes to Russia and the rest is shipped through the usual channels (C-130's) to Europe and where-ever.

But I noticed that, according to police stats, the price on the street hasn't dropped significantly like one would expect from a ramp up in availability the past several years.

I'm guessing that TPTB are stockpiling all the opiates like mad (heroin, morphine, codeine). Makes perfect sense to me. The stuff is liquid gold now, imagine it's worth after the war?
Plus they can have some fun as they are sitting in their bunkers.

Anonymous said...

"Something. Before this year ends."

A vague enough prediction that can be easily 'proven' to have come true.

You've been claiming that ITZ COMING since 1998. Yet IT never came. If this year ends without WW3 or at least the imminent threat of WW3, will you admit you've been wrong?

In the 10 years I've been researching WW3/apocalyptic scenario's I've come to the conclusion that the chance of it happen is actually very small. Then again I do not believe in the NWO or some greater(possibly divine) scheme to end the world as we know it.

Guess I'm just all doomed out :)

Peace Tex.


Texas Arcane said...

RZero, I think God has put a blindness into your eyes, so seeing they do not see, hearing you do not hear, understanding but you do not comprehend.

What is the past ten years other than the fulfillment of nearly every major prediction I have ever made on Vault-Co?

Anonymous said...

RZero : I think the universe/God messes with all of us - you me Tex whoever. We get bits & pieces of the truth and are left to fend for ourselves. Tex is early, he has always been early and he most probably always will be early - but if he agrees to recant on Dec 31 and we all get nuked on Jan 1 does it really make that much of a difference about Tex being 'wrong' ?

Something very bad IS coming and I've known that all my life, it's just basic mathematics i.e. truth. You don't need to be a true believer in any religion or any wild theory, you just have to be able to extrapolate curves on a graph.

I have found it exceedingly interesting that many of my favorite sites and posters have 'disappeared' over the last year - like animals heading for the hills before the tsunami or the earthquake comes. They've almost all 'left the building'.

From the Fourth Turning, I figure we've got about 7 years left - Tex figures it's sooner, some figure it's later. What difference does it really make as long as you're not TOO late ?


Anonymous said...

Rzero, Tex doesn't claim to be God or Jesus and able to say to the minute how the world will play out. His predictions or insights are simply at the head of the normal human curve as he delves deep into the information sources around us. Anyone with the right mind and motivation could do it.

The important thing to realise is that the blog has been going on long enough now that we're seeing confirmations time and again of many things he's already discussed long before the mainstream press uttered a word.

When the doctor warns you that you have a bad heart or a dangerous condition that might kill you in a year or so it doesn't mean the doctor is a crazy liar if you die after fourteen months. In that example the predictions were made from the information to hand and still played out as the doctor expected. With world events it's even more complex and the time scales are longer.

Just wait and see. In the meantime, making prepartions wouldn't be a bad idea, just like Tex has suggested for a long time now. Does that seem so wrong?

Anonymous said...

Some are hearing the message to help others, and so they are stockpiling for the future,so they can be of service.
Some are hearing that they should be mindful that love is about balance, and what you may think is good, (like feeding the starving), could inadvertently end up killing people they care for or themselves.

Some can't hear, or see the big f*cking cliff ahead.

After Chernobyl, radiation drugs and medical supplies disappeared over night. But many of the people who found that out the next day aren't around anymore...derka

Texas Arcane said...

Many naturalists who have studied lion hunting in Africa have noticed that the "bounder" antelopes (antelopes who are genetically more sensitive, vigilant and nervous than ordinary antelopes) will sometimes start to bound at something that isn't a lion on the horizon. Sometimes a loud sudden splash at a waterhole or even a piece of brush blowing through the tall grass will start one of the "bounders" to bounding, setting off quite a panic in the herd which ends when enough of them realize they are not being pursued.

The point is that "bounder" types are designed by nature over millennia to be wired so tightly and so hairtrigger that hopefully they will always be a little *early* when a real lion does appear, saving countless lives in the herd by giving them time to reverse direction and get up a head of steam running away ... instead of waiting until the lion has crept closely enough that she is assured of getting one of the antelopes because of the delay in response time.

I think some people might realize that the reasons I was expecting a major war in the Gulf for 12 years to begin in 2006 was on very solid ground. It's just that there were not enough geopolitical pressures in place for it to happen when it seemed like it would kick off. Instead it looks to be kicking off in 2010 or early 2011.

Some people might be glad of the lag time between when I expect something to happen and when it actually *does* happen. For example, four years to prep for a war that would start in 2010-2011 instead of 2006 is a pretty nice buffer zone if somebody took advantage of it.

I was expecting a complete economic collapse by end of 2008, when in fact it has taken all the way through 2009 and 2010 to reach the point it has now. I am an early bounder and the great thing about it is realizing that when you see me hopping up and down, it probably means you still have some time to get ready and escape these things when they hit.

Just the other day a complete stranger I once spoke to on the train thanked me for telling him in 2006 that the economy in the U.S. was going to completely collapse in 2008 - he said he had sold all of his real estate there by 2007 and did not get caught in the ensuing crash, he got out at exactly the right time. He also said he held off on moving over there and is really glad he remained in Australia. That's a complete stranger.

Solsys said...

Vault-Co's blog is definitely a "food for thoughts" location for me. It is also a news digest, linking to many interesting articles and subjects.

As for predictions, as a matter of fact it should have come much already, as far as 2003, before the "phony bubble" started with the US house market (whereas the Internet Bubble was a "real bubble").

At times, I expect things to start collapsing the next morning.

One thing which many people do not get correctly is momentum and inertia. "ITZ" can be a process, that although irreversible, takes several weeks to unfold.

Hence, one should be looking for the *start* of the collapse, not expecting Mad Max Homoerotic Bikers Mahyem for tea time tomorrow.


If you played some strategy games, you can see a lot of time when nothing happens, and units are just moving on the map, and adapting to the positions of the enemy. Then, at one given moment, the fight is underway and lasts a couple of hours. (Most strategy games only look at the battle and not the strategic part before it).

If you lived around Austerlitz and saw large movement of troops all around the place, even before the first shot is being fired you know that ITZ coming allright.

In our age of multidimentional warfare, we have to monitor the movement of a great variety of "units", from propaganda ops to weather patterns to disinfo to troops, robots, drones, local police etc etc. There will not be a single decisive unit, but an efficient combination of them.

What is important is that you keep yourselves as much informed as you are prepared. If you're in the survival business for a couple of years, then you know it's a good thing to be reminded that itz coming. Because unfortunately, at one given moment it will.

Anonymous said...

Mr T

I read your comment ... BINGO !

My greatest fear when Y2K rolled was that nothing - NOTHING - would happen. Folks went back to sleep.

If the creep of all major factors is towards the precipice, as it is, and the masses continue to sleep, as they do ... then naysayers can always cherry-pick specific dates to condemn the Message

If nothing happens [ha !] then at least the individual has undertaken an invaluable exercise in Human Planning. Getting ready to reconstitute civilization is a worthy endeavor.

Those not ready to carry loads to Higher Ground are not in sync with Life. Most of whata's going on "out there" in the Universe is emptiness ... Life is actually an island of Negative Entropy, where the force of dissolution is defeated for awhile. With awareness and the gift of Thought comes responsibilities.

But I admit to my failings; I increasingly see many in Dronedom as not worth the assistance - why would I help meat when a true child of the Highest Power is deserving. What I pray for is strength to make right decisions in the coming days.

Apologies if I offend ... you and Savage riff across subject areas better than most. Always look forward to the posts. Thanks