Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lucifer's Handmaiden, Julia Gillard

Ever since Ms Gillard declined to put her hand on the Bible when she was sworn in as PM, Australia's religious and spiritual folk of all persuasions have been praying for, pondering the nature of and, at least in one case, damning her soul.
Funny. The media didn't inform the electorate on this. Seems like a pretty important detail to leave out. As a former atheist, I never understood atheists with physical aversions to the Bible. If it is simply an old book of Hebrew myths, what possible harm could it do you to make a symbolic gesture and place your hand on it? Irrational indeed - unless "atheist" means "satanist" for most people who use "atheist" to mean "I don't believe in God, meaning I hate him and want to overthrow him." Good luck with that plan.
'We're not trying to recruit her against her will,' she says. 'We see her as a high priestess anyway, regardless of her atheism.'
Gillard has a strange affinity with occult and pagan groups. Odd, considering she claims to be an "atheist." As any good detective would ask "When did the two of you first meet?" Gillard seems to have a history with these folks. Strange times.
But if Ms Gillard is damned, she will have plenty of company. In the 2006 census, one in five people said they had no religion.
Misery loves company. People always act like the fact that others will accompany them to hell will somehow alleviate the tedium when they get there.
Hotly criticising the new PM is Pastor Danny Nalliah of the Catch the Fire Ministries. He claims that a godless Gillard is out to 'destroy our Judeo-Christian heritage,' outlaw worship altogether and turn Australia into another 'Communist China'.
Stop sugarcoating the truth, pastor. It's much worse than that.
In endorsing Tony Abbott as his preferred PM, Pastor Nalliah wrote on his website last week: 'Ms Gillard is anti-God, pro-abortion, has no Christian moral values and the list goes on. On the other hand Mr Tony Abbott is openly Christian, pro-life and has very good moral values.'

I have to agree.

Also, he's human and a warm-blooded furry live bearing mammal. Gillard, meh, not so much. A hater of children by her own confession ... an enemy of all organic life on Earth, in fact. What better leadership could you ask for - if you want to be destroyed?

Like all children of the Devil, she is not above soiling the institution of marriage by taking a fake beard to conceal her lifelong lesbian lifestyle. She is an avaricious harpy who would never allow any flesh to keep her from the pursuit of power.


Anonymous said...

I think the problem for many is that they see that the churches are corrupt (rapist priests, etc.) and that turns them away from all religion. Many have no spiritual leadership (especially any that they can trust) as they may have done in the past. Many would never turn to Satan, but instead are deprived of enlightenment. A vaccuum of spirtuality. The danger, of course, is that actively evil people can use these confused and lost people to their advantage.

Anonymous said...

you must be trying to drum up some comments, so here-

your endorsement of abbot over gillard is a laughable delusion, you can't possibly think that berk will bring christian values into the political theatre?? wtf? .snap out of it tex. that's like saying pol pot was an improvement on hitler.

go right back to basics, read the commandments again, now look at politicians and how they conduct themselves, see any discrepancies yet?

referencing commentary from anyone who utters the phrase 'judeo-christian' is an automatic disqualify.

top marks for the entity calling itself gillard, not placing its hand on the bible may be the only honest thing it ever does in politics. the oily wingnut in the alleged opposition will glean the votes of gullible christians and then act contrary to those values as ALL politicians who assume the fiction of 'leader' are compelled to do.

Andrew said...

More Britain fail

Honestly Mark, longsuffering? I'm starting to wonder if forgetful would be more appropriate. It's long since felt like The Village here

Makow's put a short but sweet piece up

JeffreyJerpp said...

If she is not a mammal, then...what exactly are you saying, Tex? Can you point me in the right direction?