Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Week's Far-Out Radical Fringe Theory

Three stages.

1. Unnoticed and ignored.

2. Vehement denial.

3. Regarded as self evident.


Impress your friends and stay at least thirty years ahead of the intellectual power curve by quoting Vault-Co on all matters.

Here's another one you can start passing on now. Albert Einstein was the biggest crank and plagiarist fraud in scientific history. Trust me when I tell you now, all of that stuff in the consensus is bogus. It's all going to come down soon because it is a house of cards based mostly on self-referential gibberish. The universe is giving us different data than those theories would predict and it is now becoming obvious the bulk of modern physics is abject rubbish.


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence. I had started to take vitamin D supplements (in the form of cholecalciferol aka D3, which is less toxic than D2 as a supplement) a month ago and feel much, much healthier now. I used to wake up two to three times a night, now I get a full night sleep going through smoothly. I'm a city dweller and we don't get much sun around here.

Getting a large pack of vitamin D3 in oily supplements (NOT tablets) should be on your todo list for your vault.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Einstein did patent a refrigerator once. Well, truth be told, he shared the patent with Leo Szilard, his student at the time.
What do you bet Szilard invented it and put Al's name to it for the product recognition.

Anonymous said...

Mr T

As you were saying ! ....

Beautiful hypothesis, with eternal cycling of the Universe, and a net zero state ... the show is run by electromagnetism, not gravity, not mass, not weak or strong forces

MOND also challenges GR and SR


Anonymous said...

If you want to look like a lunatic, quote Vault-Co decades ahead of acceptance.

If you want to look like a visonary genius, quote it a year or so before common acceptance by the masses.

After that you can just talk about it and people will consider you well informed...unlike those "radical fringe groups" that are talking about the new ideas over at Vault-Co, decades ahead of the curve again...

The cycle continues.