Friday, July 9, 2010

Katla - 14 Quakes In 48 Hours

Looks like she is getting ready to blow sooner than later.

Since many meteorologists were already forecasting apocalyptic snowball Earth scenarios for the coming winter in the northern hemisphere, you can imagine what a supervolcano eruption would do to the planet right now.


Anonymous said...


I don't recall you making reference here to Stephen J Puetz's book "The Unified Cycle Theory". I am currently reading it and finding it a brilliant companion to Robert Felix's work, albeit approched from a different angle. Puetz's website is here:

Anonymous said...

The best part is the comments from people saying "it couldn't possibly happen!!!" or "surely *they* will do something????". Yeah, trust the gubmint. They'll just pop the cap back on top of a super volcano and it will all go away itself.

It's a basic fact that these things are only a matter of "when", not "if". All these things must happen eventually. In that case why so little effort to prepare around the world when they are given such a generous warning before it happens? Why do people only prepare for the little things in life and pretend the big things couldn't ever happen in their life time? Even worse that the governments both take part in this ignorance and encourage it in the population.

If nothing happens, great. If it does and you aren't prepared...tough luck. Nature doesn't let you pencil in a new appointment later in the week instead. Preparing for a disaster like that is just as sensible as having a fire extinguisher or sprinklers installed or any number of common safety precautions. You don't need to be certain your home will go on fire at an exact date and time before you'd buy one.