Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Julie Gillard = Treasonous Kwanzanian Ass Monkey Sells Our Children Into Combat For Power

Your kids are worth the price it takes to become Prime Minister, thinks Julie.

Australians, I am begging you, elect anybody but this monster come voting day. Anybody. I know Tony Abbott is the lesser of two evils but Gillard is absolutely 100% down-the-line an Illuminatist NWO Tool from the time she wakes up in the morning to the time she goes to bed at night.
McChrystal told Houston in December 2009 that “the Rudd government’s refusal to allow Australian troops to take the fight to the Taliban was impairing the US-led war effort”.
You couldn't make this stuff up.

While much still remains unknown, it is highly unlikely that Washington, the CIA and the US embassy in Canberra were not deeply involved in the anti-democratic conspiracy to depose Rudd—just as they were in the 1975 coup that brought down the Whitlam Labor government. Rudd certainly appears to have concluded that the US had a hand in the coup. Sydney Morning Herald journalist Peter Hartcher reported from the US on Monday that Rudd had “irritated some senior US officials in the past fortnight in numerous calls to Washington”. One official told Hartcher: “Kevin has been whiny and mopey. There’s been too much ‘if only’ this and ‘if only’ that. He needs to just suck it up and get on with things.” (Do what he is told to do like the puppet administrator of a satellite colony. That's odd because I don't recall voting for any of you f*cking yanks, mate. )

As soon as she loses the election, she needs to be permanently deported as a fifth columnist working inside our borders against Australian interests. The evidence is clear - she stabbed Rudd in the back for the U.S. for assurances she would be the next Prime Minister of Australia.


Anonymous said...

I think it would be better to vote for sycophant Julia Gillard rather than sycophant Abbott, because that way this damned colony, ZOG slave state will be detroyed even faster than what it already is, actually why not just get the next winner of 'Master Chef' to be our Prime Minister, I mean what does it matter?

Anonymous said...

'loses the election' aaaaahahahaha.

if you don't own a tv, which would be understandable, go watch a friends set. the gillard is slotted in. there will be drama, and polls, and all the usual fluff, but it's a done deal. safe to bet money on. rock solid. she fits the job perfectly.

there is no australia-the country, just australia -the land mass. our military, finance, media, politics and education are under foreign control. the election is a show for the rubes, it should only ever be mentioned to the sound of canned laughter.

Anonymous said...

So I take it that you miss Kevin Rudd, then?

Anonymous said...

Gillard, rhymes with Shillard.

(an inside joke from the old aus survivalist forum days... apologies to others for the obscure reference).

Anonymous said...

Tex, they apply the same methods everywhere to depose leaders who do not subdue, or at least not fully, to their agenda, and replace them with their lackeys.

In Greece, the previous prime-minister, Karamanlis, had to step down from his position and go to election due to an unprecedented war by the NWO agents because his governance wasn't according to the will of the NWO. He made the mistake to try and serve the interest of his country first, and was trying to make agreements with Russia and China, which obviously the NWO didn't approve. So what he got was:

-An unprecedented wave of forest wildfires, clearly the result of orchestrated and organized arson, that burned about 1/5 of the Greek countryside.

-The "Soros hordes" were unleashed and were burning and looting Athens for a month, allegedly over a "police shooting."

After these, a few scandals followed and he was forced to step down.

After the election he was replaced by NWO/Global Government/Bankster puppet, "socialist" Papandreou. Papandreou sold the country to bankers and IMF, ending effectively Greece's sovereignty, and passed legislation that would make all illegal aliens legal to promote multiculturalism.