Saturday, July 31, 2010

ITZ COMING ---- Listen For The Hoofbeats

Really good summary of the situation at the link above.

Something is getting ready to happen. As I told you in a recent blog, something is gearing up. I think they are about to reset the matrix.

Something is going to happen in the world between now and the end of the year that is going to completely cream the faux reality that the sheeple call their lives. The real world is going to punch through the paper mache stage front and everyone is going to realize that the world they thought they were living in never existed. This will be just the beginning of an ordeal that will last a long, long time. Decades, in fact.

The media tries to structure any change as a "crisis," soon to be "remedied" by the State. This paradigm operates in the public mind such that anything that happens, always seems to the sheeple to be an "interruption" in "normality" (illusion) ... but this time the State won't even bother to try to cultivate the misconception. The common man will come to realize that things have actually been very, very bad for a long time. Possibly back to the day they shot John Kennedy in 1963, in fact. It was never really better any time since then. Men in power just kept us all waiting for the sanity to return ... and the truth is, it never did. All the intervening years were required to set the beasts up for the cull that was planned. To that end, they were narcotized by television, radio, books, public opinion and a manufactured consensus to keep them pacified and docile - for the exact same reasons they pipe easy listening pop music into a slaughterhouse as the cattle await their turn on the ramp.

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