Friday, July 23, 2010

Hell Comes To Kwatown

I just watched HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN with Roddy Piper after hearing about it for years. Best movie I have ever seen with a budget that looked to be around $10.00 or thereabouts. Excellent flick for $2.00, clearly an influence on the "Fallout" universe. The scene where the frog with the chainsaw tells Roddy Piper he is "one weird dude" had my son and I laughing so hard we fell off the couch. Roddy Piper is in fact one weird dude.

Anyway, at the link above, you can see China is absolutely getting ready to dump all their ZOGBux for something with real value and it probably won't be tungsten-filled fake gold bars this time, either. This will turn the 'Kwa into a gigantic baby barbecue zone before the end of the year. It's a lock, guaranteed, this is the point of no return. There won't be anything to laugh at all in Frogtown by the time the Chinese have unloaded the last of the ZOGZanian pretend money onto some even more gullible creditor in the third world.

Good job, 'Bama. A year and a half in office and the former United States is in worse shape than at any time in it's 200+ year history. The black man has left his mark on civilization once again and that mark smells funny and looks like a tire tread.


j said...

Did you ever see this, Tex?

The Vice (magazine) Guide to Liberia. Apropos to the whole baby-eating thing.

Anonymous said...

I think by this time next year we can expect the larger countries and superstates to break up (USA, EU).

The elite that control the governments will bail out at the last minute and leave everyone else to wither in the fire storm that will erupt when everyone realises that it was all a con and it won't work any more. We all know by now that these rats are ready to jump ship and have openly talked about the death of the dollar and America and their plans to get away.

China will shed the Western world like so much dead skin. It could all have been avoided by good leaders and diligent populations. There's always a chance given to avoid damnation.