Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Globowarmthinkist Makes Personal Effort To Reduce Carbon Emissions

A substantial reduction. If only other Globowarmthinkists would show the same kind of resolve as this fellow.

Notice this guy's entire career was a chain of pseudo-scientific snake oil circus acts. He was also a power player in the nuclear winter scam, managing to generate quite a bit of income out of this sophistry until that ruse died out and he had to hatch another one.

Beats having a day job.


Anonymous said...

I love it! "The passing of a climate warrior". The guy was a shmuck and a fraud. "Climate warrior". Please.

Anonymous said...

It's con men like this that show how science has been corrupted and sent down the wrong path. Massive wastes of resources and incredible harm are the legacies of people like this.

I'd imagine that the Earthly justice and wrath he deserved but escaped through this sudden "carbon emmission reduction" was only the starter anyway.

Andrew said...

When they're resorting to spending money on faking the crisis response pictures - it doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

Amusingly since they can't take 30 seconds to take a real picture - it implies that they don't even have a command centre nor any direction nor any intent.

Devin said...

Tex -don't know if you have seen this yet. I hope I remember how to link articles correctly in comments and that it is of some interest. I have been reading Vault-Co many years-we may not agree on some things -but the 95% we do agree on is more important to me. Thanks for your hard work!

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