Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Globalist Paradise

What baffles me is that people have now seen every single paradigm they adopted at the urging of the chattering class has turned out to be a greased fist in their ass to the shoulderblade and they still trust these same people to tell them what is going on and what we should think about it. They still believe the media and their rulers have the answers.

Win, lose, the sheeple say Baaa-aaahhh.

Here's an exchange I had at lunch today. Probably make you wonder why I ever speak to anyone at all.

Me: We're clearly in a period of marked decline. It's not just the economic situation. Almost every institution is occupied by people who are all form and no substance. We are a civilization that is more a theatrical stage than an actual society where people do things. Looks to me like the theatre is going to close down soon for lack of funds, too.

He: That's your opinion and a very right-wing one at that. Others might say that we now have people in professions who understand the importance of social IQ and know it's not about facts and truth so much as perceptions and managing expectations. I see a future that is very bright because of this. Besides, we're only here for a short time anyway so if it turns out bad it is probably something our kids will have to deal with.

(I finished my beef burrito in sullen silence after this. I was lost for words.)


Anonymous said...

A question for you (just playing Devil's advocate): with recent advancements in technology, it is much easier to have access to information nowadays. Even people who are not particularly bright can look up things online.

The question is: is it possible that the internet, and other recent innovations can slow down the decline to the extent that a lot of knowledge can easily be retained?

The quality of people in the general population is on the decline for certain, but you only need a small number of technocrats to herd them. We're seeing that process manifest itself now as tech companies dominate the market while traditional manufacturing and low level cubicle work is outsourced.

Yes, the unemployment rate does suck. But the crime rate has actually gone down in this recession. Basically, shiftless black youths just stay home and play Xbox rather than go out and cause mischief.

So the current situation is basically an Idiocracy, and anybody who is semi-competent and curious for knowledge can find themselves in the upper-middle class (like Owen Wilson's character). I work in IT, and my co-workers struggle by working 70+ hours a week while I can be just as productive as them (if not more) by actually putting in less time to do my job than the protagonist in Office Space. And after I've done the work, I just goof off posting here on Vault-Co and watch Youtube videos until the end of the day. If I actually applied myself (I'm one of those people who are talented but find difficulty in getting motivated), I could probably become a multi-millionaire.

The above is a bit of an exaggeration (I certainly work more than 15 minutes a week while I'm on company time), but I've never had to work weekends for a programming gig, ever (I confess to staying a bit late during the week during crunch time, however). I think most people who call themselves "programmers" are morons. I actually was a much better programmer in my teens when I made commercial games for the Commodore 64 in 100% assembly language.

I'm digressing a lot here, of course. I only pose the question because I sometimes think that we have reached a tech-sustaining level where yes, the people are getting dumber in general but we're finding more efficient means to sustain the increase in morons in our midst.

Of course, the current idiocracy is no longer sustainable if we face a Malthusian collapse in 2011 if the "year without summer" happens.

andyboots37 said...

I agree Tex, it is a hologram world for sure.

Your lunch-buddy seems like a great parent.

We should go for a bite sometime!!!


Anonymous said...

warning. do not attempt to educate the sheep, their irritated bleats can be truly pitiful. those plebs who are capable of rational thought will get their lessons from the coming hardships, the rest should start eating healthy now - they'll make a more nutritious and worm friendly compost that way.

shitland pony said...

beef burritos are the best!

Anonymous said...

Exactly why I climbed inside the Beast's belly to take a unionized .gov job years ago.

In my case, Ross Perot's warning about that "giant sucking sound" didn't fall on deaf ears.

I knew NAFTA was treason.

I remember late '90's construction sites here in the States being magically populated with Bosnian muslim refugees while "Black" Bill Clinton was at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

They were immediately followed by seemingly exponentially increasing numbers of our Mestiso brothers from south of the border driving down wages when "W" occupied that post.

Arizona's S.B. 1070 was starting to have the effect this country so desperately needs, even before implementation, that's why it had to be defanged by the fiat of a Federal Judge ... the Illegals were self-deporting! They were selling their sofas for get out of Dodge money!

Through it's misguided insistence on transforming the U.S. into a Marxist utopia, the Obama Administration has already sparked mass resistance to Federal omnipitence at best, or our next Civil War, whichever becomes necessary to preserve our natural and Constitutional rights, let alone our way of life, and economic survival.

May God not judge us too harshly for how we deal with the pack of troubles we have brought on ourselves.

Bad Dad