Saturday, July 10, 2010

Smurf Cannibal Hell Approaches

I did a bulk buy today and topped off a lot of long-term staples : peanut butter, salmon, sardines, crackers, self-raising flour, instant mash.

I was amazed at how far prices have gone up in the past six months alone. It was staggering. Luckily there are a lot of these bulk foods still produced right here on Australian soil so the price remains reasonable. I can only imagine what they might have climbed to elsewhere. For example, sugar keeps a comfortable surplus in Australia because of the huge production from Bundaberg.

Something important to grasp about the coming famine is that governments never come out and admit there is a problem until it is so obvious it can no longer be ignored. It's the same for the economy. Nobody wants to be blamed for setting off a psychological panic and later get branded as the guy who started the great depression ... or a run on the banks ... or a panic of food hoarding. Instead, you just get a lot of nervous looks and sweaty brows and then they offer you a story about Lindsay Lohan's sentencing in court. Anything to avoid talking about the real world. Nobody wants to be remembered as the guy who tossed the cigarette butt into the dynamite dump and got blamed for the inevitable explosion that followed, so they just keep smoking and pretending to talk about other topics.

It's the same when they ask Alan Greenspan about the economy he helped destroy or Al Gore about the coming Ice Age. They are going to mumble under their breaths and dodge the issue altogether.

Meanwhile .... food is climbing in price by the month, week in and week out. Sooner or later, it is going to get so ludicrous that somebody will have to admit we've got what looks like a real shortage on our hands. That's not supposed to happen in Smurf World, the globalist utopia. Unfortunately, we don't live in that world.


Anonymous said...

Ties in well with the recent deliberate poisoning of hydoponic tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

Mr T

Wow. Wow. I had no illusions before reading the article, but this is incontravertible evidence.

Jives with what I hear from patients, including Iowa farmers, and ranchers downstate here. WAF

Mao-Mart and Costco still have well-priced storeables as you mentioned - Ritz, PB, canned tuna and chicken, rice, yeast, flour, tea and coffee.

That whole Jones rant about LeBron is spot on; grew up there, and devolution is accelerating. The seeds of this downfall have metastisized courtesy of the Infectious Vectors - whackademia, the legal-judiciary cesspool, mediatainment and Gov Gone Bad.

This will not end well. Brings to mind an old movie ... On the Beach

Thanks for the info, however sober


Anonymous said...

On the plus side, anyone who has prepared like yourself should be able to weather the storm. You can look forward to salvaging cans of food as the evidence seems to indicate they last generations:

Andrew said...

The picture at the top is wonderfully apt.

More salt being rubbed in the wounds - indeed when the council is run by their brethren such results are expected.

It's definitely gettting harder here, just to function. Price increases in food, utilities and a general lack of direction adds to the mental burden.

Should it reach breaking point - I think most people will simply curl over ala the old WW2 mass grave pictures.

What do you make of the old "Silent Weapons" chapter in Cooper's book, Mark?

Real or not - it always sends a chill down my spine.