Saturday, July 3, 2010

Final Hours Of Kwanstainia

Itz not coming. Itz here.

This year the Kwanstain will cease to be a nation.

We hardly knew ye, Kwanstainia. Only 240 years, right around the outer limit of the historical average. A good run but it's a country that has come to a bad ending.


Anonymous said...

Tex, there is a 1973 film starring Jack Lemmon called "Save the Tiger". I haven't seen any other film giving such insight on was what going wrong with America at the time, and predicting the end of it. There is a monologue by Lemmon somewhere in the film about how everything is being lost, foreseeing things to come, which makes me shiver every time I think about it.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago I went though Z's version of the five stages of grief. Except in my version I got to the anger part and stayed there. I'll only reach 'acceptance' when the whole facade of BS is blown away and our Lord presents Himself. However, in the meantime, I will be amused at the frantic panic of the sheeple when it hits the fan. Z

Anonymous said...

this isnt a critism, just a simple question.
how can one as a christian call for the destruction of a modern day Sodom, is it not for the Lord to judge only?
should we not be praying intensely for that once great nations salvation instead of savoring its decline?

Anonymous said...

Rabbit holes come and go, but their former inhabitants will live on.

These days the fight is not about saving America, its about saving the White Rabbits.

If you want to stop the White Rabbit Genocide, first you must Follow the White Rabbit.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 1:08

Read scripture. Stop watching Creflo Dollar.

Not only are you not to pray for them but rather you are to pray for their imminent destruction at the hands of God's wrath.

To do otherwise is to have enmity with God. You are to be no respecters of persons.

The time for imprecatory prayer has been here a long time. Apparently, it's working.

Anonymous said...

Imprecatory prayer, that's interesting man.
I like the gist of yer' gibe.

Anonymous said...

Cleve, you are being accused of plagiarism on the 'Dex. One of the screenshots on your new Grimoire website contains a copyright image.

Either way, glad to know the game is finally under way. Look forward to it!