Thursday, July 8, 2010

EU Ready To Blow To Smithereens

... just like we said.

If you look at the total liabilities engineered into their screwy communist system, including subsidizing the south with northern profits, there is no way that nutty structure is going to stay afloat.

Rather "dissolve into bickering nation-states" once again, as mentioned in the prologue to the computer game FALLOUT.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tex, guess who is the chief adviser of the Greek government in dealing with the financial crisis. LEIF PAGROTSKY, a defrormed, disgusting dwarf, member of the kabbalistic/zionist "Independent Order of B'nai B'rith", and a goon of Soros and Stiglitz. It's like hiring a professional burglar to guard your house. Greek PM Papandreou (who is 25% Greek, 25% American and 50% Jewish) is also a protegee of Soros, much like Obamination (only he's an ever worse, more extreme version of Obama).

What more proof do you need that this was a staged crisis, Orchestrated by Europe's central Banker Jean-Claude "Global Governance" Trichet, Wall Street, and the Fed, and the entire banking-crypto-Marxist establishment that rules the US and world economy for the last 100 years, and funded the Bolsheviks and 2 World Wars.

As you've said in the past, such people are the children of Satan, they wreak havoc everywhere they go and in anything they do. And the sheeple expect from the to "save them." Yeah right...

Sheeple are doing nothing, just waiting in line to enter the World Government's execution camps.

Anonymous said...

Britain: Sodomite central, soon to be flooded (as if there weren't enough already) by "persecuted", asylum seeking homosexuals from around the world.

Anonymous said...

It is a wonderful thing to see the corrupt and inefficient systems collapsing.

For a long time the EU area has worked by bleeding the profitable areas dry and sacrificing them to ensure the well being of the roaches and leeches elsewhere who believed in the wacky modern economic dream. No more will those who contribute the most be treated as slaves and second class citizens by the zogbux con artists and the useless zombies that back them.

Let it all fall apart and finally people can get on doing what they are meant to be doing.

Got to be hard to wake up from a dream only to find yourself in a nightmare.

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