Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Economic Trainwreck Of Biblical Proportions

Prechter says ITZ COMING.

"Even the Cows Can Operate The VCR By Now." (Joke from the movie CITY SLICKERS)

I'm always curious to know where people think a "recovery" would come from? The population of the United States is a largely illiterate, unskilled mass of buffoons who have sent their entire economy overseas. It's not exactly like anybody is breaking doors down to employ them. Where would a "recovery" originate? What do they have left that anybody needs?

In the future, the biggest target commodity for thieves in the 'Kwa will be food.


Anonymous said...

This article is along those lines...

p.s. bury your rice.

Anonymous said...

What makes it worse is that the looters in government and business have kept the party going so long that the generations that could have helped fix things (having lived in the eras when people knew how to make things) are too old to shoulder the burdens once more.

The expertise is lost and along with that any hope of an 'easy recovery'. It'll be hard and long. Almost as if starting from scratch. All because of disgusting greed and short term thinking. God warned everyone that this was not the way, but people didn't listen again...

Anonymous said...

“I don’t want to agree with him, because if he’s right, we’ve basically got to go to the mountains with a gun and some soup cans, because it’s all over.”

Tex, is there any satisfaction when the sheeple majority start to wake up to what you're saying or are you beyond that now?

You can see though that this guy is still sort of trying to tell himself that it is all just a dream or something!

If he had any sense he'd have sold his shares and bought a safe haven, soup cans, rice and all the rest instead of lying to himself.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that the market will crash simply because too many well-connected people will influence the government to bail them out (like in 2008).

The Dow will hover at 10,000 but it will be represented by worthless zogbux.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I often wondered what the collapse of Western Civilization, particularly in Amerikwa, would look like. Now I know because I'm living it. All you got to do is look at the news and witness the Barbarians doing their Barbarian THANG-YO, CHOKAY,EFE? I can hardly wait for the FRN to shit the bed and the food stamps and welfare checks either stop coming or become irrelevant. Then the party will begin and everyone's invited...BOOYAH! Z

Anonymous said...


If it crashes in all but name (with the deluded government and 'market leaders' pretending it is okay), what difference does it make?

It will and is crashing. The economy is doomed. The denial of the problems by the majority and those with power makes this a certainty. There will be no easy out. The people tried to cover loans and debt by taking out more loans and debt. All they ended up doing was delaying it, but making it even worse when it does hit.

It's time to pay up. It will cost everything.