Friday, July 30, 2010

Disruption In The Magnetic Shield : Spacequakes

This makes an awful lot of sense. It is in keeping with the long prevailing Vault-Co doctrine that the majority of the action between the Sun and the Earth takes place in bands of the electromagnetic spectrum we can't even see.

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Anonymous said...

Remember though, Tex - Unless it has happened regularly in the last dozen years or so it can never happen ever! EVER! Burn the excess food supplies, we've not had a faminine in a few years so faminies are extinct like the dodo! Forever!

Just like all those other disasters we know will happen eventually but people pretend won't ever happen just because it's not happened recently yet (volcanoes, asteroids, plague, etc.). Don't bother preparing for anything that hasn't happened every day. Better to just sit around on the couch in front of the TV until the tidal waves sweep out away or Walmart's shelves suddenly look bare.

Man has a short term memory. This is why he seems not to be a learning animal.

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