Saturday, July 17, 2010


*BUMP (Been saving quite a few links up of similar theme)

Is this normal?

Is this also normal?

This must be normal as well.

Increasing activity and deliveries arriving here. Normal.

Nothing to see here, people, keep moving along.


Anonymous said...

French Riot Season 2010 has begun;

Rioters in the south-eastern French city of Grenoble have fired shots and burned cars after police shot dead a man accused of robbing a local casino.


Anonymous said...

Diversity riots early this year.
I can't wait to see what happens when white folks have a riot.

Chris from Sydney

Anonymous said...

THEY must figure that the seed vault will end up in a nice warm place after the pole shift. Or, if solar flares toast the surface, this will be protected enough to survive.
Wanna bet there is more than one of these vaults? Of course. I'd wager that they have them all over the world just in case. The military just loves redundancy and THEY can't be for certain how this plays out
Yep, it's getting near that time, I guess. Very soon the gloves will come completely off and anyone THEY don't like will be liquidated. The hell with spin, courts or the idiotic media, it will be their wet dream come true....1984 meets Auschwitz....Good times!

Rowan said...

Hello Tex and Vault-Co readers. For those that remember, I've recently fled the UK for Australia.

I've ending up in Tasmania. I can stay for two years on my current visa and I intend to try and extend it. I don't know if I will be able to build a vault in time, but Tasmania is a great place to ride out ITZ. I've checked (spent a considerable sum) the extent of glaciation and Tasmania's geological history going back 800 million years. It's a good place to live during the ice age, even though it will be colder and dryer.

I'm not settled yet but I hope to get a full time job and a longer term visa. Land is cheap as chips here. Once I'm settle I'll buy some bush land to either live on or stockpile and build a vault.

I must say, Australia is so much nicer than the UK, doomed like the rest of the West of course, but I'd rather be broke here than rich back in the UK. There's a lot I'd like to say but I have a lot of work to do. Once I'm settled I will become a regular reader once more and blog about a number of thoughts I've been having.