Monday, July 12, 2010


Something's getting ready to happen.



What does BP have planned?

Something. I'm not sure what. I don't have ESP. I just have good instincts.

Something is coming.

The marines have a plan.

I'm not sure what exactly. I can feel something in my bones. Like a dog whistle that only Tex Arcane can hear.

Something is getting ready to happen.

Feel it? It's coming. Something. Shut down that chattering ape in your head and listen for it. It's very faint. You have be very quiet to hear it. Something.


I had a really powerful dream last night after posting this strange blog above. It woke me up it was so frightening. Probably I was just rehashing subconscious fears, sure.

I dreamed the third world war started and it was really, really bad. It turned out most of my worst fears about the use of dirty weapons and the advanced tech they had been concealing were all true. In my dream, the Red Chinese dropped nuclear cluster bombs on the Gold Coast with neutron bursts to clean out the barbarian Han without destroying their real estate holdings. I went up on the mountain and looked out and could see the Gold Coast was partial ruins but completely desolate, without so much as a bird being heard.

The dream scared me because it exceeded anything I had predicted and I guessed that the rest of the world had suffered much, much worse ... with worse on the way.


Anonymous said...

Dear Vault-Co

I find myself in a grave situation.
I have calculated the "emergency" supply of food etc to be good for only two months. I have done my best to enhance this supply secretly. I have been able to hide four 5 gallon buckets filled with white rice and a variety of beans. I also make sure to top off the bottled water supply every so often. The homes largest weakness though is the lack of firearms. One of my parents is deadset against any form or firearms and says the day I bring one home( I still got my license) is the day I move out. What else can I do to make the best of this bad situation? I am able to move out if needed but would be in a financial situation that would keep prep funds at near nothing.

Anonymous said...

Using the MOAB is a brilliant idea. Watch them shatter the sea floor while simultaneously releasing unknown tons of methane gas, which will be ignited by the explosion, there by blowing the Gulf region to Hell. If I were Blofeld, the head of SPECTRE, I would be mightily pleased indeed. Z

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. The people who were the equivelent of the herd's early warning system (like yourself) that I know all have a feeling like this, like their hair is on end. A lot of people out there are stocking up and getting ready without even realising what they are getting ready for! It's like a message from God or a supreme survival instinct ingrained into the body.

Some people like you are fine tuned to hear the echos well ahead, others only spot it when it is on the horizon. The rest will only be dimly aware when it hits them in the face.

If they're all lucky it will only be another Great Depression. If not, we'll see things that will make the world wars pale by comparison.

Anonymous said...

One thing wrong about this blog is that it's made me lazy in searching for news, and I only come here for information now.

Anonymous said...

It's being heard...

Fear is the mind killer.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon July 12 2010

Stash one and keep it a secret. Your parents will discover an unbelievable change of heart suddenly if somebody is threatening them or their household and you produce it from thin air. Otherwise don't bring it out of hiding, just sit on it.

If you are unable to build a shelter in your current situation, lean instead on two options : source an expedient one (parking garage, underground aqueduct, nearby basement, etc.) and keep your bugout kit in good shape to travel fast with your parents to that location.

They'll marvel at what a sharp kid they turned out when the time comes. I've seen it before.

Anonymous said...

The oil gusher is one of the many games afoot. Barry 'slick' soetoro was installed to lead the corporation known as america through to the conclusion, it's an artificial event, another 9-11, it has a purpose.

All the bankers nations install their stooges with an agenda to implement. Rudd clearly failed his task and was cast aside. It will be interesting to see what Julia 'red on the outside and red on the inside' gillard has promised them for her moment in the sun.

Anonymous said...

Here's another Marine story with ominous possibilities:

Anonymous said...

"I've seen it before."

Indeed you have...

As for the Gulf oil spill. As of the 13th July, it would appear this new cap may hold. Maybe long enough for the populace to breathe a sigh of relief. Until 'they' break it and cause another disaster of course.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the advice, I will do what I can with my limited resources. On another note, every time I see something like this
I am reinvigorated in my attempts to prepare. While My country falls apart, people are more concerned with some sport. I can't help but think these will be the same people on the street someday, demanding free(anything) and threatening blood shed.

Anonymous said...

Apocolypse trifecta indeed. It feels like things are starting to reach crunch time.

We've yet to see the full consequences of the BP disaster play out:

With that and the economic problems, other natural disasters or weather issues and then the political stuff on top, it's going to be one hell of a ride over the next couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Historian warns of sudden collapse of American ‘empire’

' Ferguson said empires — such as the former Soviet Union and the Roman empire — can collapse quite quickly and the tipping point is often when the cost of servicing an empire’s debt is larger than the cost of its defense budget.

“That has not been the case I think at any point in U.S. history,” Ferguson said. “It will be the case in the next five years.” '