Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Will 2011 Be The Year Without Summer?

What Vault-Co raved about ten years ago like a mad prophet in the wilderness is now mainstream.

A lot of weather scientists think we're about to see a year go by without a harvest season. That's going to be really interesting. We live in a just-in-time supply chain. There is little to no leeway built into the system anymore at all. A year without a summer means a winter with babies, the other white meat.

This might be your last year to buy bulk food cheap. Yes, you are correct in saying we might have two years ... even more before food becomes expensive enough to make it impossible for the poor to eat. If it's next year, won't you be glad you acted now at the prompting of Vault-Co? Or would you rather be caught in the food riots of 2011 fighting over a loaf of bread and a box of TicTacs? If you don't think that is realistic, you sir have never known hunger.

People stay vegetables in our society in part because they are pumped full of hamburgers, donuts and high octane carbs. When those wear off, trust us, you won't know the people around you at all. They'll be completely different and you won't recognize them anymore.



Anonymous said...

Ah, but the globowarmists have been telling us "we told you so" when pointing out the recent heat wave. Yes, it's been hotter than usual lately, but summer is always hot.

A "year without summer" would be far more devastating in 2011 than in 1816 for certain. The huge population growth since 1816 has largely been built on natural gas-injected fertilizers. I know that you dismiss the peak oil theory, but I believed in it (and still do to a certain extent) back in the day because I saw any disruption to the energy supply having a major impact on the functioning of our modern society.

Anonymous said...

You are right to tell people to pack food before disaster. You don't buy insurance for your house after it burns down, why not get some extra food for yourself when you can?

Store it properly and rotate it and you're not wasting anything! If the prices go up and there's no absolute disaster you still end up saving money anyway. Win-win through some careful investment in a basic need.

Anonymous said...

Is this like those food riots of 2009 you predicted? Or like those of 2008? Or perhaps like the ones of 2007? The real riot is how people keep falling for your repeating mantras. Sheeple indeed.

Anonymous said...


You are like the drunk man walking across a high beam insisting that because he hasn't fallen off in the first minute he cannot ever fall at all! Invincible like Superman!

Do you think people buy home insurance because they want their home to burn down or because they know the exact time and date? Same with health insurance. They both make good sense to get, even if you cannot predict to the second when you'll need them.

These things will take time to play it, but they will happen eventually, just as at some point you'll need health care and someone's house will be robbed or burned down.

Packing some food away makes good sense. Our ancestors would have stocks for lean times too.

Anonymous said...

2011 - the year without summer, living off the 2010 harvest. Or, the year with a really hot summer and a normal harvest. Same thing!

Cleve, do you believe anything you write? Or is this really all a hoax after all?