Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Billionaire Bugout Plan

Very interesting link forwarded by a reader.

The guys at the top know what is happening. The "recovery" is a tranquilizer they transmit over the televitz to calm the trailer park mobs, who might otherwise be making their way through the night with torches and pitchforks. Luckily they are going to be the very last ones to figure it out.

Where the 'Kwa is going, there's no coming back from.

I love that site. Check out this recent tidbit. Remember way back in 2003 when we once told you that someday in the far flung future, Vault-Co would be considered the moderate viewpoint? We're just about there now.


Anonymous said...

When the billionaires with all the resources and insider information are doing this, everyone should see that ITZ COMING. These people don't leave a good thing that got them to multi-billionaire status unless something really serious is coming.

You can expect him to have many fortified retreats and caches with probably his own private forces guarding him and his property. While the riots tear everything apart he and all the others will be sipping champagne and laughing at how gullible everyone was.

Andrew said...

Oil Spill in Dalian, China

Anonymous said...

The middle class is the backbone of every civilization. It carries the inherent values transmitted from generation to generation. Once it's gone, there will be nothing left. That's what Marxism wants to do to the world. The long-term plan of the NWO is to eradicate the middle-class and through it the entire moral values system based on the word of God, and re-write the entire code of conduct at their will. That helps explain a lot of stuff like the over-exposure of dirtbags like Dawkins who they use in order to condition the sheeple.

It's like the thing JACK LEMMON so eerily predicts back in 1973 in the masterful, but today totally forgotten, SAVE THE TIGER. The end of America. He has the weight of a Bible prophet when he speaks these words in this memorable dialog with his business partner.

- "What was our dream? To meet a payroll and not a pay check. Wasn't that the dream?"

- "No more rules, just referees."

- "Performance used to count, right? For 15 years we've met our obligations with the same unions, the same mills, the same bank, but today all they care about is the bottom line on a passbook and then some God damn machine gives you a bum credit rating."

- "It's people like us, people in the middle, that made this country work. And when people like ourselves get into this kind of thing, it takes it all down. That's what's ripping the country apart!"

-"All I want is another season."

(This last line echoing the Marxist takeover where people have to leave behind their dreams, visions, and ambitions, and are reduced to mere survival, just gaining the daily bread, which is the only thing they can spire to from now on).

Even the Mexican immigration problem is there, already, where the hiring of illegal immigrants goes hand in hand with the decline of American morality and business.

If this is a movie that America, and the world has forgotten, then I don't really know if there's anything worth remembering. If you haven't watched it yet, make it one of your priorities to watch it, Tex.

Anonymous said...

What is most telling is that the insiders and the Uber-rich have stocked up some hidey hole to flee to when TSHTF.
They'll say when asked that they expect a severe downturn or something like that.
I remember that during the Kwa's last severe downturn the rich flaunted their wealth with fancy cars, women and entertainment. In the 30's none of them were bugging out or hiding. I guess they expect this time to be awfully different.
This illustrates just how bad it's going to be. If they thought they could rub our noses with their wealth, like before, they would do so gleefully.
Now they realize that it's going be Mad Max time and they don't want any part of that.
Still ain't gonna save 'em.

Anonymous said...

Another reason why America is doomed

****Warning this is actually very very sad****

I lived in Arizona for a year many years ago and this makes me cry as to how far this great nation has fallen


Anonymous said...

Is it too much to ask for a paradigm shift? I mean really, does my generation have to put up with this?
Who takes responsibility, anyone?
I ask all the time about the state of things to my elders, and they all seem either delusional or tell me that our generation is going to have to fix this.
Ever try and fix shit?
It's still just shit folks, or at least the illusion of it.
No wonder most of my peers are apathetic, and/or just plain selfish.
Meanwhile, I often wonder about last meals, weather, numbers, and heaven..
Three weeks not eating until people eat each other, sometimes sooner.

p.s Bury your rice and GOD bless.

Anonymous said...

Another example of the average level of intelligence in the once great nation

....notice that only one man out of all these people gives a half reasonable answer of needing to assay it.... but even he is unable to use reason on the spot to evaluate the validity of the offer